Wednesday, 2022-03-16

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programmerjakeI reconverted the gfbinv code, since I think the way I have it with matching variable names will be easier to match to the original algorithm in the pdf. also, I changed the loop to just be:04:26
programmerjakefor _ in range(m * 2)04:27
programmerjakesince the idea is you loop a certain number of times, imho that's waay simpler than range(1, m * 2 + 1)04:27
programmerjake(I got m * 2 + 1 iterations by mistake while reconverting, fortunately, all the new tests (yay!) caught that mistake)04:30
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lkclthat's a good idea. it still looks really clear14:56
tplatenI programmed the OrangeCrab using JTAG: programming..  5171488/5171488 \n verify..       5171488/5171488  VERIFY OK16:38
lkcltplaten, intriguing, following the online instructions from codeconstruct?17:10
lkcl(ecppack, ecpflash etc.)17:10
tplatenecprog from, installed today17:20
tplatenit works: Linux buildroot 5.16.0-rc1-13398-gdae78cf662a6 #1 Tue Mar 15 18:47:15 CET 2022 ppc64le GNU/Linux17:38
lkclprogrammerjake, i just realised, it's going to be really important to grab 2 of these whilst they're available17:40
lkcltplaten would it be ok if jacob sent 2 more of those to you?17:41
lkcltplaten, do you have a BTC address?17:41
lkclso we can get cesar one of those orangecrabs?17:42
programmerjaketplaten: btc or some other cryptocurrency supported by coinbase17:48
tplatenI do not have a btc address, but I have a account. I have payed using JPY, USD and CZK.18:05
tplatenI inserted a microsd-card, but It failed with litex-mmc c8042800.litex-mmc: Command (cmd 8) failed, status 218:07
lkclanother way would be, if jacob you send tplaten enough through to cover 2x orangecrabs and the shipping to cesar (brazil)18:09
programmerjakei can send it via wise. lkcl, is there some reason we aren't sending money to cesar directly for him to order one himself?18:09
lkclthe US store is out of stock which is why i am going "eek, get them before..."18:09
lkclprogrammerjake, yes, because the EU store refuses to ship outside of the EU18:09
lkcland tplaten is in germany18:09
programmerjakeah, ok18:10
programmerjaketplaten let me know how much you need...18:10
lkcltplaten, i'm astounded it even detected the card! :)18:11
tplatenYes, I'm in Hesse, Germany and my brother is in Australia.18:11
lkclthat may be down to the type of the card, some might work, some might not (ultra-fast or not-ultra-fast)18:11
tplatenI'll have a look at the eu store18:13
lkclwe need the 85K ones18:14
programmerjakethey call them orangecrab 85f iirc18:14
lkclso it's 2x EUR 178 plus VAT times 2 call it EUR 45018:14
lkclprogrammerjake, wise don't charge a fortune, do they, in transfer fees?18:15
programmerjakeiirc if i'm sending usd they charge like $0.30 though that was to canada, not germany18:16
lkclif you sent him e.g. EUR 550 and we work out the cost to brazil by DHL, later? or, is that easy to get an estimate, tplaten, from DHL's website?18:16
programmerjaketplaten do you want eur instead?18:17
tplatenI had a look at, yes I want eur18:19 might be cheaper to send via a different shipper than dhl18:19
tplatenI ll have a look at DHL's website soon.18:19
programmerjakeonce you figure out how much you need, can you email me? thx.18:20
tplatenYes, I'll do18:21
tplatenIf I unserstand erverything correctly, one orangecrab goes to the us, the other one to brazil.18:22
programmerjakeuuh...i already have one...18:23
programmerjakelkcl who needed the other one? or is it just a spare?18:24
tplatenso the second one is for ... one is for cesar, or both for cesar?18:25
lkclone for cesar, one spare18:26
lkclif someone else wants one and there's none in stock we're hosed18:26
programmerjakeso the spare one i guess you can keep for now tplaten18:27
programmerjakeunless someone wanted to build a libre-soc cluster?18:28
tplatenI have been thinking about buying an ECP5 board with an HDMI output, then connecting a HTC Vive,18:30
tplatenThe Vive is using an ICE40 for their lighthouse tracking system.18:30
cesarI wonder if they ship directly to Brazil... You may have to receive it and then send it to me, maybe.18:37
cesarOtherwise I could order it myself, yes.18:37
lkclcesar, no they are not18:37
lkcli already encountered this with the EU site, i had to ask tplaten to receive them, they would not even ship to the UK18:37
cesarWell, at least the countries are listed in the shipping address form...18:41
cesar... but it can give an error later, of course.19:04
lkclyes, that's exactly what happened.19:37
cesarIf programmerjake has the funds, can't he order himself, giving tplaten's shipping address, maybe?19:58
programmerjakehmm, i can try if you like...20:01
programmerjaketplaten would probably want to still buy the shipping himself...maybe?20:02
octaviuslkcl, what about farnell?:
octaviusI guess the farnell is a bit more expensive (in GBP as opposed to EUR)20:15
lkcloctavius, good find!20:17
lkcloctavius, if you want one do say so, programmerjake could you send some GBP to octavius?20:19
lkclbtw i am grabbing some of the (large) HyperRAM modules from 1bitsquared as well20:19
lkcli need to move on quickly, way behind on schedule, because of focussing on DDR3 for too long20:19
cesarWhich was the suitable Ethernet PHY module again?20:29
octaviusSure, I'll have one. Will come in handy later for testing20:30
octaviusI've been eyeing those versa boards for a few years now XD20:31
cesarMaybe it was this one?20:35
lkclcesar, yes that was one of them. they have another21:21
octaviusI seem to remember that Realtek RTL8211F is what we were planning, no?21:21
octaviusThat's one of the datasheets on the ftp server21:21
lkclcesar, that's the other one21:21
lkclthat's an RGMII (125 mhz clock, Gigabit)21:22
lkcl10/100 ethernet is driven by the clock coming from the MAC (IC)21:22
lkclon *both* transmit *and* receive21:23
lkclwhereas RGMII you have to *provide* a transmit clock21:23
lkclboth of which are "blech"21:23

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