Thursday, 2022-03-17

tplatenI'm now having a look at shipping options for the orangecrab to brazil.17:23
tplatenI did a git pull in soc and now I get a TypeError: Object (rec <unnamed> st_data_i st_data_i_ok) cannot be used as a key in value collections17:27
tplatenDHL Paket up to 5 kg -- up to 120 x 60 x 60 cm 2 is EUR 45.9917:30 XS-Paket is 49,99 €, even more expensive, so I won't take that one17:33
programmerjakeidk if usps works from germany to brazil, but it apparently costs a few dollars:
programmerjakeFirst-Class Mail International18:06
programmerjakeRetail Large Envelopes (Flats)18:06
programmerjake$2.60 for less than 1 oz18:06
programmerjakenote that the OrangeCrab is small enough that one of those bubble-wrap envelopes should be good enough18:16
programmerjake(that's what mine came in iirc)18:16
tplatenCan I use usps here in Germany? I don't know any package shops that accept sending via usps here in Germany.18:33
programmerjakeidk, maybe?18:34
tplatenDHL Päckchen XS is EUR 8,8918:35
programmerjakeyeah, apparently you'd probably want to use dhl:
programmerjake> USPS does not operate in Germany. Deutsche Post would be the originating service. Not until it has passed through US Customs will USPS be involved. Then it should be 3 or 4 days to delivery.18:41
tplatenI had found a site from which I can compare prices
tplatenWhen I baught my Talos II, it was shipped by USPS.18:53
tplatenBut DHL should work, I have nderver used jumingo.com18:54
tplatenI had a look at DHL again, TOTAL €67.99, as I cannot deselect Premium ( + €22.00 )19:16
tplatenDHL Päckchen M Welt does not include Insurance and Shipment tracking, but is much cheaper.19:18
octaviusfor the orangecrab, is there a pmod adapter board? Or would you have to use jumper wires? For hyperram connections have to pretty short I guess20:35
programmerjakei didn't see any, but the board is apparently a standard format, so there might be one somewhere....i could probably design one if i needed to21:33
programmerjakeor we could just make do with short wires21:33
programmerjakei'd have to look up the pmod spec to figure out if it has any specific transmission line impedance specification or similar21:34
lkcloctavius: i grabbed a ton of jumper wires. i recommend getting a set, and then you can connect one colour-set to the FPGA board (without damaging it)21:46
lkcland another colour set to the PMOD21:46
lkclthen when you are absolutely confident, wire them both up (by colour)21:46

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