Friday, 2022-03-18

*** alMalsamo is now known as lumberjack12300:47
programmerjakeoctavius, let me know the amount i should send you once you've decided what all you're buying (repeating myself since i don't know if you're waiting on me and you expect me to deduce that from your emails so far or are still thinking about what to get)10:20
octaviusprogrammerjake, am I going to have send an RFC for the components in EUR, or should I give you a BTC addr?23:25
octaviusSorry for the extra delays btw, life has been very busy. If you need my BTC, I'll send it to you tomorrow (in about 12hrs or so).23:34
octavius*my BTC add23:35
programmerjakeoctavius: RFPs are for getting paid by nlnet (and maybe ngi pointer, idk), just emailing me (and cc-ing luke) how much you spent should probably be sufficient. it may be less expensive to send money via wise, since iirc the btc transaction fees are pretty big. i can also send it via a different cryptocurrency if you prefer (as long as it's supported by coinbase)23:45
programmerjakeor i can send the money before you buy the stuff if you like23:51

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