Saturday, 2022-03-19

lkclprogrammerjake, as octavius has dropped off IRC for tonight, he's not aware that this is going to be done by BTC and then *you* would put in the RfP once we've got the MoU signed for this one00:18
lkclor wise.  yes, if BTC costs are ridiculous at the moment.00:18
lkclhowever see because i suggested some changes and additions to the equipment00:19
lkclit's more like GBP 300, not GBP 25000:19
lkclor thereabouts.  needs recalculating basically.00:19
programmerjakei was under the impression that we were using our existing fpga fund, rather than the nlnet grant. since that isn't ready quite yet00:58
programmerjakeI also expanded the introduction you started:;a=commitdiff;h=466cd6f330ac5f18047377cf2ed8126506223c4d00:59
programmerjakelkcl ^01:01
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lkclprogrammerjake, yes, correct: we're using the FPGA BTC fund. but octavius is under the (mistaken) impression that *he* can put in an RFP to *NLnet*... right now.05:29
lkclah brilliant, i got interrupted so had to save it fast.05:30
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octaviusprogrammerjake, when you talk about BTC fees, did you mean conversation to currencies?13:10
octaviusFees to send from one wallet to another are usually pretty small. I can hold the wallet funds until I need them for later, and spend the fiat I already have.13:11
octaviusOtherwise if wise more convenient for you, I could look into it (probably need to give up a lot of personal info though)13:12
lkcloctavius, BTC transactions require a fee to be paid to BTC Miners13:32
lkclit's their "incentive" to engage (at all) in the actions required to keep the entire network afloat13:32
lkclthe problem is that that cost varies.  a few years ago it went as high as USD 70.13:33
octaviusI know, I read the paper XD13:33
octaviusAnd been using it13:33
lkclso if you transferred $0.01 worth of BTC, you paid $70.0113:33
lkcleveryone says "BTC is great" until you realise it has centralised "blacklisting" and is rate-limited13:34
octaviusThe fees I found within the electrum wallet are pretty low. Last month sending to a friend was about 0.5USD13:36
octaviusOh, don't get me wrong, BTC is a terrible "crypto" currency, the chain is completely transparent and public13:36
octaviusmonero is much more interesting13:36
octaviusThe main problem I've noticed is the centralisation of cryptocurrency (like btc and eth), which defeats the purpose. However even with these shortfalls, BTC is a robust method of moving value from wallet to wallet. Conversion to fiat is a different matter though.13:39
octavius(and big data tracking...)13:43
lkclthere's someone who helps out by donating us in DECRED13:43
octaviusInteresting, never heard of it before. Thanks for introducing it :D13:52
lkcltplaten is doing a LibrePlanet talk about microwatt on orangecrab14:08
lkclthat's in 15 minutes!14:10
tplatenand more applications, including a proposed VR headset that uses Libre-SOC. Yesterday I got godot3.4 with OpenXR running on my Talos II.14:12
lkcloooOoo :)14:12
lkclwhere's it online?14:12
lkclor do you have to register?14:12
lkclfound it14:13
lkcli love the music :)14:14
tplatenSo if I connect an I2C IMU to the OrangeCrab, I can do head tracking, possibly even inside the maze game.14:15
lkcltplaten, that was a pain, the jumping about and stalling, but the replay should be steady15:33
tplatenAnd for be the bbb did not work on my Talos II, I had to switch to my Laptop15:35
tplatenHere I have connected the OrangeCrab to my Talos II:
tplatenCurrelty having a look at
tplatenWhen on the microwatt verilator_trace branch I get a "Cell has missing pin: wb_sel_i" error.18:41
lkcloctavius, you happen to have any 0.1mm crimp-headers?
lkcli'm finding that the cables i've set up (about 10in) are too long to run 50 mhz over, i'm going to have to drastically shorten them18:45
lkclArty A7 PMODs you're supposed to just plug into the sockets18:45
lkclbut putting into VERSA_ECP5 or orangecrab that's not going to work, they have rows of 0.1 pin headers (arduino style)18:46
tplatenIf I copy external_core_top.v to microwatt it seems to be working, so that I can simulate libre-soc.18:46
lkclis this in microwatt_verilator branch?18:47
lkclyou remembered to set EXTERNAL_CORE=true in the Makefile? :)18:47
tplatenFor flashing the Linux-Kernel to the OrangeCrab I used 10 cm cables18:47
lkclyyeah but that's a 100 khz JTAG bus, with serial-only18:47
lkclthis is an 8-bit parallel bus @ 50 to 150 mhz18:48
lkclwhere the clock lines have to be exactly on-phase @ 90 degrees18:48
tplatenYes, I am on the verilator branch18:49
lkclthat's fantastic, then, if you got verilator sims running18:50
tplatenYes, I will be working on that first, then orangecrab.18:51
lkclhere is the annoying hack to get broken compatibility with microwatt from 12 months ago18:53
lkclthis was fixed right throughout the microwatt codebased by paul mackerras18:53
octaviuslkcl, I think you mean 0.1" (2.54mm) ;)19:00
octaviusI do have them yeah. Do you need a set? Once the parts arrive I could make up a set for you19:01
lkclbut the cable length needs to be really short19:01
octaviusI guess you want several sets for the pmods19:01
lkclit's probably best if i do it, i may have to try different lengths19:01
octaviusI even have different colour wire. Do you have any colour schemes in mind? :D19:02
lkclbut in the meantime i've found a verilog sim of hyperram19:02
lkclorangecrab needs to be added to that19:02
lkcland after verilog models work i think i'll try the Arty A7 because that's what these PMODs are designed for19:03
lkclsuch a lot of frickin hassle just to get linux running :)19:03
octaviusYes, so many abstraction layers...19:06
lkcltell me about it19:07
octaviusbtw, for the orangecrab with ethernet pmod, what kind of test might we do? telnet?19:08
lkclpffh, haven't even thought that far ahead.19:08
lkclthere is likely some GMII verilator tests somewhere19:09
lkclbut ultimately we want a linux kernel driver19:09
lkclwhich given that ETH MACs are a standard is not that hard19:09
tplatenI have been thinking about USB ethernet on the orangecrab.19:09
lkcltplaten, that means you need USB19:10
lkcl(in HDL)19:10
lkclyes this is literally that low-level19:11
lkclanything you might take for granted has to literally be implemented from the ground up19:11
octaviuslkcl, do you need an orangecrab? I'll start ordering some of the parts now.19:12
lkcltherefore in the case of USB2, because it requires an Analog PHY, we can't do that, so need a USB UTMI adapter19:12
lkcli've got one here already19:12
lkcljust one of those ETH MACs19:12
lkcland hm just for fun one of these19:13
octaviusFound one on amazon
tplatenand USB3 and thunderbolt are even more complex19:14
lkclah watch out there's a company selling knock-off clones of waveshare parts19:14
lkclone of them is based in India, and waveshare has warned that their parts are sub-standard19:14
octaviusAh, ok19:15
octaviusdo they have a uk distributor? I only found robotshop.com19:15
lkclvery unlikely19:16
octaviusOk, I'll order the USB board and lan8720 boards off there then instead19:17
octaviusso you need one usb, and two lan8720 boards?19:17
octaviusSure. I'll grab a usb one for myself as well (just so we have someone else to test with)19:20
octaviuslkcl, tomorrow (sunday), I'll make the waveshare order. 3 lan8720 boards and 3 usb3300 boards (one of each for me, two for just in case :) )23:26
lkcloctavius, great23:27

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