Sunday, 2022-03-20

octaviuslkcl, ordered the orangecrab (should get that in a few days), and the pmod boards (those will come within two weeks). We can exchange address information later so I could ship the expansion boards to you15:36
octaviusDo I also need to order the hyperram board, or has purchased spares?15:37
octavius*has anyone15:37
lkcloctavius, probably a good idea, make sure it's the quad one18:36
octaviusok, do you need one?18:42
lkclgot two :)18:48
lkclbut get one for cesar18:49
lkclhmm maybe?18:50
octaviusIs it worth it to get it shipped from US to UK, then to Brazil?18:50
lkclnom nom no probably not18:50
octaviusMy current expenditure is 257.41GBP hahaha18:51
lkclpffh peanuts18:51
lkcli've an FPGA board here that cost USD 3,00018:52
lkclcan't bloody well use it because there's no open fpga tools for it sigh18:52
octaviusI have a few "ancient" boards with virtex 4 fpgas, 400k luts...can't really use them XD18:59
octaviusAlthough I do have the original xilinx dvd's19:00
lkclya know... there's no reason why running prjxray on them wouldn't give the info needed19:02
octaviusIf it will be useful to the project, I could try to get them working19:03
octaviusI have a pair, they were originally intended for high speed tranceivers19:04
lkcldunno tbh19:04
lkcltplaten, i saw this
lkclprogrammerjake, regarding this
lkclit explains why i have to repeat myself sometimes 5-6 times20:36
lkcl(and you miss things)20:36
lkclcould i ask if you could please change procedure to read via the bugtracker, or at least to do a periodic review of the bugreport, to see if there is anything that you've missed?20:37
lkclif you are exclusively and solely reading the email and nothing else you are losing context and not able to keep track20:38
programmerjakebugzilla makes edits conveniently invisible unless you happen to see the exact comment that was edited and remember the previous edit count and/or contents of that comment...aka. terrible. hence why I and luke have both asked people at different times to *not* edit comments except for the top comment.20:41
programmerjakealso the email issue20:41
programmerjakei tend to only look if i'm actively replying to a comment20:42
tplatenI won't do that anymore, I was unaware of that behaviour20:43
lkclusually i'll put "[edit:]" in it.20:43
lkclthere may be a way to enable emailing of edited comments20:43
programmerjakethat would be very useful!20:44
programmerjaketplaten: what you did i'd generally consider not a problem since you posted a new comment (hence generating an email) with the corrected amounts. the edit was only removing outdated information that someone following by email would be fine with since they didn't miss anything20:47
programmerjakealso, an empty comment was obviously edited20:48
lkclyes, by me.20:48
programmerjakeah, ok20:48
lkclahh thank god for that. the arty a7-100t works with microwatt.v21:04
lkclnow to try libresoc21:04
lkclat least there's a way, with a microwatt.v, to test the hyperram21:08
lkcloctavius, can you look up "recorded delivery with insurance" from the post office?21:09
octaviusSmall parcel (<1kg) is £4.8521:10
lkclis that "recorded and insured"?21:11
octaviussign-for, compensation up to 50GBP21:12
lkclcan you make it GBP 500 compensation21:13
lkclor wait... this is just the PMODs isn't it21:13
lkclso yeah 50 quid should be fine.21:13
programmerjakelet me know the new figure, i was just about to send btc21:13
octaviusYeah, I wondered why you needed that much lkcl XD21:14
octaviusRound up to 325GBP just in case21:14
programmerjakek, 5gbp for your trouble sounds fine to me :)21:15
octaviusNice, thanks programmerjake21:26
programmerjakeall the galois fields and polynomials....

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