Thursday, 2022-03-24

lkclmarkos: sorry it's been a while since i used setvl, been focussing on implementing scalar ops.07:12
lkclthis is supposed to be up-to-date sigh07:12
lkclthis is the better guide because it is actual executable pseudo-code07:13
lkclsooo.... you want - if this is the format - setvl. RT,RA,SVi,vf,vs,ms07:15
lkclvf vertical-first=007:15
lkclvs VL set = 107:15
lkclms Max VL set = 107:16
lkclyou also because it is an immediate-form don't want to know what VL is (you already know it is to be set to 17) therefore RT can be set to zero07:20
lkcland because you are setting an immediate you must request that by setting RA=007:20
lkcltherefore it will be07:20
programmerjakeand use setvl rather than setvl. i'd guess07:20
lkclsetvl 0,0,17,0,1,107:21
lkclwe will need pseudo-ops for these in binutils because that's a hell of a lot of options07:21
programmerjakei'll work on tree reduce stuff tomorrow (i guess it's today for most of you)07:22
lkclheh yes07:23
lkclwhat am i doing up at UTC 7:23?? :)07:23
lkclwhat are _you_ doing up at 2:23am? :)07:24
programmerjakeit's 0:24 am here07:24
lkclah you're... ermermerm... US-Central?07:29
programmerjakepacific daylight time07:33
tplatenWhen I run make microwatt_external_core I get a TypeError: Object (rec <unnamed> st_data_i st_data_i_ok) cannot be used as a key in value collections16:00
tplatenand when I use an older version of external_core_top.v, I can't build microwatt with EXTERNAL_CORE=true it fails with16:04
tplatenexternal_core_top.v:258195: ERROR: Re-definition of module `\plru_2'!16:04
tplatenexternal_core_top.v seems to be working in the verilator_trace branch16:05
lkcltplaten, you need to be fully up-to-date with all git repositories17:11
lkclsoc - commit 5e392ebd3ba9f1568080abe3cde0f38e71e8fb5117:12
lkcland using the gitlab nmigen repositories17:13
lkclwhich you should *ONLY* install with "python3 develop --no-deps" one at a time17:13
lkclthat's assuming you've already got the dependencies installed17:13
lkcl(importlib_metadata being one of them, for nmigen-boards, for example)17:14
lkclalso you may have a version of yosys that is either too old or too new17:16
lkcltry 0.1317:16
lkcl$ yosys --version17:16
lkclYosys 0.13 (git sha1 8b1eafc3a, clang 9.0.1-12 -fPIC -Os)17:16
tplatenit works17:33
lkclwhat was it?17:33
lkclupdating repos, or updating to yosys 0.13?17:34
tplatenI had the wrong version of nmigen, the one from The yosys version is correct17:36
lkcli must update that but it is quite a bit of work17:36
tplatenNow when I try to use external_core_top.v in my branch of microwatt (that one that includes jacob's 3d game), I get a external_core_top.v:262095: ERROR: Re-definition of module `\plru_2'!17:43
lkclsearch for that.17:44
lkclmodule plru_2(acc_en);17:44
lkclyou should also have17:45
lkclmodule \plru_2$175 (acc_en);17:45
lkclmodule \plru_2$182 (acc_en);17:45
lkclor similar17:45
tplatenI did a grep:17:49
tplatenexternal_core_top.v:module plru_2(acc_en);17:49
tplatenexternal_core_top.v:module \plru_2$175 (acc_en);17:49
tplatenexternal_core_top.v:module \plru_2$182 (acc_en);17:49
tplatenand none in microwatt17:49
lkclok then chances are high that you've included the external_core_top.v twice.17:51
lkcluse make's "-n" option and look through the commands it intends to run17:52
tplatenNo, its only included once, so I must have included parts of microwatt that conflict with libre-soc17:58
tplatenI think it is litedram_wrapper, but I'm not sure. I know that litedram works with microwatt on orangecrab, since I can boot linux18:14
tplatenI also saw that litedram-wrapper-l2.vhdl drives the leds on the orangecrab, in my case the led is white18:29
tplatenI now get yosys running after commenting out some lines in fpga/top-orangecrab0.2.vhdl19:03
lkclhi Veera20:16
*** henriok_ is now known as henriok20:16
Veeralkcl: regarding bug: 750 can you give feedback. In io_tristate_jtag have put ??. Can you suggest what to put?20:21
lkclVeera, let me take a look.20:21
lkclgood to see you around again20:21
lkcli can't see anything at the moment with the transparency, doh :)20:23
lkclVeera: it's just "crossed out"20:24
lkcl"T" followed by a mis-spelled letter... crossed out20:24
lkclso you can remove the ?? entirely20:26
octaviuslkcl, made an iwiki page for orangecrab:
octaviusI'll update it as I go along21:06
Veera[m]lkcl: i logged in with matrix21:08
Veera[m]I may have missed msg's. Anything important you want to mind me!21:09
programmerjakeafaict nothing was posted since you logged out on irc21:21
programmerjakeahh, apparently octavius's messages didn't make their way to matrix21:23
Veera[m]programmerjake:  ta21:24
programmerjakei can see octavius's messages now, they were just delayed a few minutes21:25
lkclunnbelievable, i got the ulx3s to stabilise by running a power-on-reset counter for 2^23 cycles22:17
lkclabout frickin time22:17
octaviuslkcl, are there any bugs and budget for orangecrab documentation/code?22:38

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