Thursday, 2022-03-31

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programmerjakelkcl, maybe you need to increase the number of simultaneous connections your exim4 server will allow...netstat -t shows nothing on my end, bugzilla may be taking up lots of connections10:57
lkclprogrammerjake, i deliberately cranked it down to around 3 to stop spammer overload10:58
lkclyou would not believe the number of attempts per hour to attack internet-facing servers10:59
programmerjakehmm, 3 should be plenty10:59
programmerjakemaybe have a separate limit for general inet and local addresses (127.* and 10.*)11:00
lkcl3 is plenty... *if* there is not a near-constant series of port-scanners trying to use your server for the purposes of delivering spam11:00
lkclevery time i edit exim4.conf files it takes at least an hour11:01
programmerjakeidk if exim supports separate limits?11:01
lkcli really don't want to spend the time11:01
lkclexactly, meaning i have to look it up, or you do, and we've other things to do11:01
lkclwe nearly have QSPI working11:02
lkcli have sender-verification enabled (stops fake-email addresses) and you just got caught out by that11:04
lkclsetting up email servers that don't get exploited is f*****g hard11:04
programmerjakeok, can you make a build1 address then, (and maybe jacob too) so i can send build log emails?11:06
lkcli'll set build to be to your email11:08
lkcli've said a couple of times now that jacob@ is already done11:08
programmerjakeoh...i never got it to work iirc11:08
lkcl1 sec let me fake-send as you over telnet 2511:09
lkclworks perfectly.11:10
programmerjakeoh, i had also told postfix to send from jacob to my gmail...idk which one worked11:11
lkclsend from to jacob@libre-soc.org11:12
programmerjakeooh, i'll try that11:12
lkcldo not try to fake from-addresses11:12
programmerjakefrom=<>, size=297, nrcpt=1 (queue active)11:12
programmerjakeMar 31 03:09:21 jacob-build-server postfix/smtp[9821]: 6BA1B83E9B: to=<>, relay=1011:12
lkclif you try to fake-send from e.g. it will fail11:13
lkcl(or, it should do)11:13
lkclbecause this server is not responsible for sending email11:13
lkclit will fail gmail's DMARC/SPF11:13
lkcland also affect the reputation of so please don't do it11:13
programmerjakeonly fake sends i did were from and maybe unintentional jacob@jacob-build-server.programmerjake.tk11:15
lkclas long as it's from it's fine11:16
lkclsend it from for all it matters11:16

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