Wednesday, 2022-03-30

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Veera[m]Hi. Successfully built nextpnr-xilinx and built example arty-35t attosoc.bit. Need advise on which method to take for installation: built binaries installed separately on /usr/local/nextpnr-xilinx or run from source directories. First one may take further effort.09:20
Veera[m]I changed parts to make arty-100t (xc7a100tcsg324-1) bit stream as well.09:22
Veera[m]Luke: In which way you are using it. So that I can customise as per your need?09:23
lkclVeera[m], that's brilliant. i'll run it here and have a go10:12
lkclVeera[m], ah, please push what you have so i can check it.  nextpnr-xilinx-install or something10:13
lkclbinaries to be installed to /usr/local/bin10:14
Veera[m]lkcl: I have hand run it for the start10:24
Veera[m]I have not made nextpnr-xilinx-install yet. In the past for symbiflow I gave you trouble and pain. I do not want to repeat that! Can a separate path like /usr/local/nextpnr-xilinx may be good: so that installed files don't mix and mess up10:27
Veera[m]I wanted to know what you are using as bitstream source: blinky, attosoc, microwatt or libresoc?10:28
Veera[m]And  a new yosys version will do or old one or any specified commit version; I used a recommended version which happened to be one of the latest git version10:30
lkclVeera[m], that is false / a misunderstanding, it was neither "trouble" nor "pain"10:32
lkclif anything, it is more "trouble" and more "pain" to have to try to work with "guessing" what you are doing10:32
lkclso please can you commit the script so that i can test it out here10:33
lkcli need to upload it to the UOregon Server10:33
lkclactually, now i think about it, can you do it?10:33
lkclif i introduce you to Erik and Sameer?10:33
lkclthey have an Arty A7-100t connected to the Server10:34
Veera[m]Not now. It may take a day or may be two!10:34
lkclof course :)10:35
Veera[m]If Erik and Sameer test it will it be proof of working build and finalize afterward?10:36
lkclthey've already done a "basic" test but i have no idea what they did10:37
Veera[m]eh. ... you (lkcl) finalize afterward10:37
lkclthey asked me to do a second test but i am too busy10:37
lkclyou need to test nextpnr-xilinx so if you do the install on the Silicon Server and try it out on their A7-100t it is covering multiple tasks10:38
lkcli only have about 18 hours left in which to meet a Contractual obligation to complete an FPGA Milestone10:39
Veera[m]what kind of verilog source for test to use. Do you have any suggestions?10:39
Veera[m]I asked because I am new to this method of server connected fpga board!10:40
Veera[m]ok. go on with your important work. I contact afterwards.10:41
lkclpython3 -m nmigen_boards.arty_a710:41
lkcland ask them to check that the lights are blinking10:41
lkclbecause you won't be able to see them, obviously10:41
lkclmake sure to use the hdl-dev-repos script10:42
markosI wonder if that means I could test my spartan 6 board with this10:49
markosor is it too small?10:51
lkclmayyybe? :)10:55
lkcl50k LUT4s (or equivalent) is just enough10:56
lkcl100k LUT4s (or equivalent) is better10:56
lkclXilinx for the 7-series use LUT6s predominantly so like how AMD had to do "equivalent-to-Intel" clock rates for the Opteron Series, they give names "100t" for the Arty A7-100t which are "equivalent" to LUT4s10:57
markosthis is the board I have:
markosI don't see any mention of LUTs though10:58
lkcl XC6SLX9-2CSG324C10:59
lkclneed to look up the datasheet for that P/N...10:59
markosah I think it's too small, 9152 Logic Cells11:00
lkclNumber of Logic Elements:9152 LE11:00
lkclyep too small11:00
markosnever mind11:00
lkclif you'd be using it regularly we can likely justify getting you something modern11:01
lkcleven if it's "i followed the install scripts and got this far... XYZ report" that's incredibly valuable on its own11:02
markoswell, I'd love to be testing SVP64 code on actual hardware, but it's ok, I'm always looking of excuses for doing company expenses11:02
markoss/looking of/looking for/11:02
lkclhey they're offset against tax, so you might as well, eh? :)11:03
markosas long as it's under 1k, I can justify it to my wif^H^H^HDirector :)11:03
lkclhaha yes it'll be around... EUR 500 for a couple of boards?11:03
markoswhat would be better? a big powerful board or 2 smaller ones?11:04
markosstandalone or PCI?11:04
markosand would it make sense to get something to connect to the CAPI on the Talos II?11:04
markosthough those are much more expensive I think11:05
lkclright now, a Digilent Arty A7-100t and an 85F OrangeCrab11:05
octaviuslkcl, good news! the waveshare lan and usb pmods came. Send me the postage address and I can ship it to you.11:05
markosI've seen FPGA boards that go up to 8k and I always wondered why they are so expensive11:06
lkclbut get one quick, there's only 4 left in stock at mouser11:06
octaviusmarkos, PCBs quality, high speed interfaces, expensive FPGAs themselves (like the virtex ones)11:06
octaviuslow-volume production11:07
lkclmake sure it's the 85F11:07
lkcland this
lkclbut the 256 MBit version not the smaller one11:07
lkclQuad not Single11:07
lkcloctavius, brilliant11:08
lkclyes some of the 1,000,000 LUT4 FPGAs are over USD 12,00011:08
markoshyperram? for both or only the orangecrab?11:08
lkclit's an external plugin (PMOD) that is a "fall-back" for the fact that we can't get DDR3 memory working yet11:09
lkclit plugs directly into the Arty A7 but you have to solder up a cable if you want to connect it to the OrangeCrab11:09
lkclwe'll get DDR3 working for the orangecrab, and it's cute and small11:09
lkcloh.  UART needed as well11:10
markosyeah I have plenty of those, JTAG as well11:10
lkcland some jumper wires
lkclahh excellent11:11
markosmy cabinet is full of that stuff11:11
lkclthe orangecrab, sigh, the on-board FT232 is *not* connected up as a UART, so you have to explicitly add one11:11
markosbecause of retro computer addiction, er passion11:12
markoshave a couple of speccys that I'm fixing/building this period -well weekends only11:12
markosbut I have the bench power supply, a cheap usb digital hantek oscilloscope -that works great though- and tons of parts11:13
markosok, so I'll add the arty to my next order11:14
markosit shows me also a 200LUT digilent Arty board, what would the gain of the extra 100LUTs be?11:18
markosin our case that is11:20
lkclthere's a 200t? cool!11:22
lkclit would mean being able potentially to do an FPU11:23
markosthen I'll go straight for that one11:23
lkclah hang on, it's not an Arty11:24
lkcli need to check if it's supported by nmigen11:24
markosyou're right, it's an Artix :D11:24
lkclotherwise "work has to be done" to create a Constraints file etc. etc.11:24
lkclah HA! it is actually supported11:25
lkcland it has PMODs11:26
lkcland i belieeeve both symbiflow and nextpnr-xilinx support the series 7 200t11:27
lkclso yes go for it, but also still get the Quad HyperRAM PMOD11:27
octaviuslkcl, I won't be able to post it today, but will do tomorrow morning. With first class should hopefully reach you on Friday11:27
lkcloctavius, no problem11:28
lkclturns out the Arty-A7 has the exact same DP8484848484848 10/100 Eth PHY11:29

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