Saturday, 2022-04-16

programmerjakelkcl, i got the arty plugged into gitlab ci and the tty devices passed through into the docker container, do you have any suggestions for something quick and simple i could put on it to check that it works?00:56
programmerjakei don't have the hyperram plugged in yet, just the arty00:57
programmerjakewell, i think i'll just say it's good enough for now, i'll test it after the weekend01:12
programmerjakebuild log:
lkclprogrammerjake, you can install nextpnr-xilinx, then run the blinky test01:12
lkclpython3 -m nmigen_boards.arty_a7 i think01:13
lkclyes, it defaults now to the a7-100t01:14
programmerjakethat will almost certainly take quite a bit of work to get working in gitlab-ci...i'll do that after the weekend01:14
lkclconsole access you'll need to compile the hello_world.bin01:14
lkclwe need more testing of nextpnr-xilinx so it would be good to run anyway01:15
programmerjakewas hoping for something simpler like "run the bitstream uploader in test mode"01:15
programmerjakeidk which program that is tho01:16
lkclit's in the file i just already sent the link, 90 seconds ago01:17
programmerjakewell, needs libusb access rather than tty access, and it does all the fun adding/removing devices dynamically stuff...01:33
programmerjakegitlab-ci doesn't really support that very well...01:33
lkclyes. it's dfu01:34
programmerjakeit expects to be able to pass one device file through and never change it and it's good...:(01:34
lkcla workaround would be to write a small external daemon/service01:35
lkcluse "build=True" opption and i think "load=False"01:35
lkcluse the external ssh method01:35
lkclwhich is built-in to nmigen01:35
programmerjakewell...that's a problem for next week01:36
lkcleven if that means ssh localhost01:36
programmerjakei disabled the passthrough again so other ci works even when the tty devices aren't found01:40
programmerjakeapparently libusb and docker just don't work together:
programmerjakeyeah, i'll probably try the ssh option, thx for the idea lkcl!01:54
Veera[m]lkcl: Have sent RFP to NLNet.06:59
Veera[m]lkcl: Mail to lkcl@lkcl is failing from my email. This message does not have authentication information or fails to07:00
Veera[m]    550-5.7.26 pass authentication checks. To best protect our users from spam07:00
Veera[m]In the morning I sent, it reached you. But not now!07:01
Veera[m]My ip has reverse dns for ipv4 and ipv607:01
Veera[m]550-5.7.26 error code07:05
Veera[m]spf is also set up07:31
Veera[m]Sending to my gmail account is working!07:40
tplatenI've set the correct clock frequency for orangecrab, next I'll setup the orangecrab internal periperials, dram last. For booting hello world spi flash and blockrams should be enough.08:46
lkcl Veera[m] i know.11:31
lkclit's arbitrary / random / annoying / google.12:01

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