Monday, 2022-05-02

*** kylel1 is now known as kylel14:09
lkclghostmansd, i just realised that the MODE (normal, ldst, branch, crops) is missing from the .csv files15:52
lkcli'm adding it now, can you check that doing so doesn't break anything for you?15:52
ghostmansd[m]Hi Luke, I'll check it when I get to the laptop16:17
ghostmansd[m]I guess it will, since I later literally cast the CSV fields list into a dataclass :-)16:18
ghostmansd[m]Don't worry, you can break it, I rarely use this script, only to re-generate binutils stuff, and this doesn't happen that often16:19
ghostmansd[m]lkcl, be sure to check the e-mail, I have some news16:26
lkclghostmansd, seems ok. no mail yet16:41
ghostmansd[m]lkcl, I mean domain21:16
lkclgot it. took a while21:16
ghostmansd[m]IIRC you had other e-mail at Gmail, so this might matter :-)21:17
lkclonly got one...21:19
programmerjakei think he might mean you have another email address, not another email he sent21:21

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