Monday, 2022-05-09

ghostmansdlkcl, does the following update to look correct to you?13:38
ghostmansd here vf is last, 2513:39
ghostmansdalso, other insns which mention this field use offset at 25 bit13:39
ghostmansdthis is a totally minor, comment-only, but still that was confusing13:40
lkclif i can get an internet connection that isn't slooooow urrr14:11
lkclok hang on let's check fields.txt14:12
lkcl 258 # 1.6.28 SVL-FORM14:13
lkcl 259    |0     |6    |11    |16   |23 |24 |25 |26    |31 |14:13
lkcl 260    | PO   |  RT |   RA | SVi |ms |vs |vf |   XO |Rc |14:13
lkclnow let's check PowerDecoder2 etc.14:13
lkclwhich is... errr..14:13
lkclgoing to have to work out how to sort that *without* having to alter a dozen-or-more unit tests14:18
ghostmansd[m]I've just thought that in the future we might generate the fields automatically as well. We _do_ have some stuff which process fields.txt, right?14:22
lkclyes of course14:23
lkcluses something called DecodeFields in power_fields.py14:24
lkclthe "common fields" was a bit of a cheat, that came initially from microwatt.14:25
lkclit shouldn't really be used14:25
lkclbut it's pretty frickin easy, but relies on whitespace positioning14:26
lkclas well as the number of "/"s14:26
lkclthis would be wrong:14:26
lkcl258 # 1.6.28 SVL-FORM14:27
lkcl259    |0     |6    |11    |16   |23 |24 |25 |26    |31 |14:27
lkcl260    | PO   |  RT  |  RA | SVi |ms |vs |vf |   XO |Rc |14:27
ghostmansd[m]Ok I'll take a look14:27
lkclbecause the "|" separating RT and RA is not lined up with its column14:27
ghostmansd[m]That's not for now, just a note to my future self14:27
* lkcl nods14:27
lkclurr you know what? you know why i allowed sv.svstep?14:33
lkclit's so that the register numbers aren't limited to r0-r3114:33
lkclokaay so i lied: sv.svstep *is* in, sv.setvl is not14:38
lkclghostmansd[m], okaaay it's just the naming you changed (effectively the comments)15:20
lkclnot the actual format.15:20
lkclthank god for that15:20
programmerjakesv.setvl would make sense too for larger reg numbers...just no vector arguments.19:46
programmerjakelkcl: budget_sync.budget_graph.BudgetGraphPayeesParseError: Failed to parse cf_payees_list field of bug #813: unknown payee name: 'red' is not the name or an alias of any known person20:30
programmerjakeidk the right info, can you add that to the config toml?20:30
programmerjakealso, thx for the donation:
lkclyyeah, except it's a lot of wasted bits.20:42
lkcli'd like to think of something else to do with them but leave it for now20:42
lkclreserved if nothing else because there reaallly is no room, at all, for expansion20:43

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