Friday, 2022-05-27

lkclghostmansd, that's brilliant. nearly there...09:12
*** DiffieHellman_ is now known as DiffieHellman11:33
lkclDiffieHellman, that's a fantastic and hilarious choice of IRC handle :)18:21
ghostmansdlkcl, I suspect there are two persons sharing one laptop :-)18:22
lkclor perhaps just still one...18:23
ghostmansdOr perhaps two, but someone in the middle as well...18:26
ghostmansdLet's hope there're at least no Bob and Alice18:26
ghostmansdI've rebased the whole svp64 binutils branch, because, frankly, it got really messy with all commits I've done recently.21:12
ghostmansdI mean, when I publish it, nobody needs to know than I had commit which adds many stuff, including ldst_shift, and then, ten commits later, -- another one, which drop it entirely.21:13
ghostmansdThere was a lot of such abominations, not really needed for public review. This is not completed, but I want to have at least something readable before I begin publishing it in mailing list.21:14
ghostmansdI think I managed to drop about 10 commits. I'll continue with this and then add extra decoding atop.21:16
lkclprobably sensible, i mean patches i've seen to e.g. linux-kernel will add new stuff, not be a jumbled mesh of add-then-take-away21:18
ghostmansdYeah, I mean, I'd be really pissed if someone sent me patches which are kinda "intermediate state". There will be tons of code already, partly due to C verbosity, partly due to code generation, so people might already be annoyed. Add useless patches there, like "renamed a function" or "dropped stuff added ten commits ago", and people will hate you.21:20
lkclit becomes unreadable for them21:32
ghostmansd[m]Not that it was readable for me when I did it. 45 or so commits, done in different time and about different chunks. Sometimes linear, sometimes not.21:38
ghostmansd[m]So, I guess, there's a lot of to be cleaned up still.21:39
ghostmansd[m]After it's at least linear and evident, I think I'll finish the first revision, with svmagic pseudo-insn.21:40
programmerjakelkcl, ghostmansd, you might find this interesting: bunnie huang's experience with Rust:

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