Saturday, 2022-05-28

DiffieHellmanlkcl: Just one, but the other end can be Diffie or Hellman to do DiffieHellman over irc.01:18
lkclcombined with this
lkclperhaps you start to understand why i am concerned about the zealotry08:34
lkcland it turns out that the trademark license for rust is going to become a serious problem08:35
lkclrequesting that every distributor of rust seek explicit permission to even perform basic security update patches is completely unacceptable08:36
lkclas in, once distros learn of that requirement they're likely to pull rust entirely or perform an iceweasel-like full rename08:36
lkcldebian can't go around asking permission on behalf of all the derivative distros that are based on debian08:37
lkclthat hard requirement basically makes the entirety of rust non-free08:37
lkclprogrammerjake, i'm increasing the budget on because clearly there's a hell of a lot of work gone into it already and it's really valuable10:53
* lkcl just building the modified yosys-0.13 branch now10:54
lkcli get one fail (only) because of missing cvc4 (i have cvc5 installed)11:03

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