Friday, 2022-06-03

ghostmansd[m]Well, I add generated files in one commit. But this code is simple and not used by anything in binutils, so it's fine.05:01
ghostmansd[m]The parsing is a different stuff: it's also a new file, but it's partially incorporated into vanilla binutils.05:02
ghostmansd[m](about the generated files: I mean the commit which adds these files doesn't affect vanilla binutils; all changes in vanilla binutils related to generated files go in the further patches)05:04
ghostmansd[m]lkcl, please update 844 and 845 budget as you think is appropriate, taking the budget from 550, and ping me, I'd like to submit an RFP for 84405:05
ghostmansd[m]As for RFPs, I've been thinking of resorting to some cryptocurrency, if the usual way won't work.05:17
lkclghostmansd[m], sorted 844, go for it13:16
ghostmansd[m]Perfect, Luke, a huge thank you!13:32
ghostmansd[m]It's good that you did it. I'm reading the emails on changes and frankly I'm lost. :-)13:37
lkclghostmansd[m], yeah the emails are pretty useless for understanding, you need budget-sync (repeatedly)15:39
lkclbasically i had to edit up the parent-chain15:39
lkclto add the extra EUR 1150 that was added at 84515:39
lkclyou'd left the budget field at zero (but added the TOML), and when i added the actual total to 845, it exceeded its parent's budget15:40
lkclwhich in turn exceeded *its* parent's budget...15:40
lkclso i had to add 1150 to 55015:40
lkclthen 1150 to 57715:40
lkclreally, this could be done automatically.15:42
ghostmansd[m]Hell that's why I don't like budget stuff15:46
ghostmansd[m]Again, many thanks for this15:46

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