Saturday, 2022-06-04

sadoon[m]Hi guys05:50
sadoon[m]How's everyone05:50
sadoon[m]Really sorry for being inactive for long, work has been crazier than expected05:50
lkclsadoon[m], hey no problem, getting used to a new environment08:31
lkclprogrammerjake, jix seems to be really helping out a lot on the smt2lib FP work, which is great.11:55
lkclwould you like to ask jix if he'd like to receive some EUR for it?11:56
lkclbear in mind it can't be a one-off (at least, not through NLnet) because it'd be viewed as "bounty payment", which NLnet is forbidden to do11:57
sadoon[m]<lkcl> "sadoon, hey no problem, getting..." <- I really want to get back into the projects I'm involved in and especially libre-soc21:21
sadoon[m]If I can't I will definitely have a monthly donation for it, and I might do that anyways.21:21
sadoon[m]This chip needs to happen :D21:21

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