Sunday, 2022-06-05

lkclsadoon[m], that's really appreciated12:23
lkclprogrammerjake, we've had word that people within OPF are slightly freaking out at how large SV is12:52
lkclironically i've been warning the OPF precisely and exactly of the fact that it was going to be large, starting over 18 months ago, and continuing to warn them that this prediction has come about, repeatedly12:53
lkclso that they're not... surprised12:53
lkclthe last thing we need is for the OPF ISA WG Members to start to get pissed off and to begin resenting reading what we're proposing because it begins to cause "damage" to the ISA12:58
lkcland the more exceptions that interact with the Scalar ISA, the more they're going to get pissed off12:58
lkclthey don't *have* to accept what we're planning to propose.  we're already kinda twisting their arm somewhat because of the high-profile mass-volume status of what we're doing12:59
lkclas in: we _could_ use the get-out-of-jail-free card (EXT022 Sandbox for Custom "private" - non-authorised - Extensions) but the consequences of that, long-term, are something they're already keenly aware of13:00
lkclconsequently, that's a trump-card that can only be played a certain number of times13:01
lkcli realise that SV is mind-bending. it's a multi-dimensional ISA13:10
lkclas in: it's literally best to think of it in terms of multiple dimensions13:11
lkcl* operation13:11
lkcl* operation width(s)13:11
lkcl* vectorisation13:11
lkcl* program counter advancement13:12
lkcl(those last two can be swapped priority to give either Horizontal-First or Vertical-First)13:12
lkcl* saturation-augmentation13:12
lkcl* re-mapping13:12
lkclall of those are smashed together in a single linear 1D "set of instructions" in both a traditional SIMD and traditional Vector ISA13:13
lkclwhereas for SV those concepts are applied near-orthogonally, almost completely independently of each other.13:14
sadoon[m]<lkcl> "sadoon, that's really appreciate..." <- It's the least I can do13:29
lkclcesar, if you can get gram working that would be fantastic. it's quite significant as it would also get versa_ecp5 and arctic_tern working23:36

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