Friday, 2022-07-15

lkclghostmansd[m], every single unit test uses that format. i don't want to have to do yet another round of global/search/replace11:17
lkcland "*%r128" is 2 characters more than just "*128"11:18
ghostmansd[m]Before you replied I already handled that12:01
ghostmansd[m]In fact, it's really not important at all12:01
ghostmansd[m]Considering the fact that we already made our legacy12:02
ghostmansd[m]If this was about new ISA, I'd stick to %rX12:02
lkcljn: i started here
lkclif you'd be interested to port openbmc onto the planned hardware - and get paid for doing so - you're more than welcome15:00
lkcltoshywoshy, started on the abstract ^15:00
octaviusHi lkcl, apologies I didn't respond yesterday. Finished with my uncle and now looking at copying over tas-yagle. Can you give me write access (I checked I only have R atm)16:58
octaviusThe commands I found for migrating the git repo is:17:04
octaviusgit remote rename origin upstream (Is 'upstream' the default name we use for the original sources?)17:04
octaviusgit remote add origin
octaviusgit push origin master17:04
lkclwhoops i had andrey not andreym as the key.18:13
lkclif you make that git remote add libresoc gi.....18:13
lkclyou won't overwrite lip6 as an origin18:13
lkcland will be able to do pull and push from both18:14
octaviusAh ok18:14
octaviusI'll just started doing a git push to libresoc, I'll rename that one from 'origin' to 'libresoc' and 'upstream' back to 'origin'18:15
lkclit makes no difference what the names are18:22
lkclyou can't "mess up" by giving them different names.18:22
octaviusIt's a local-side distinction?18:23
octaviusOh yeah, in the config18:23
lkclbtw we had visions of your uncle turning up off the coast of east anglia, a periscope popping up out of the sea :)18:24
lkclsailor, not sub-mariner, right?18:24
octaviusSailor XD18:25
octaviusHe's on a Norwegian cargo ship18:25
lkclMerchant Navy?18:25
octaviusNo, just a civilian sailor18:26
octaviusbut experienced, almost 25 years18:26
octaviusmostly the northern european routes18:26
lkclhe probably drops by Stranraer a lot (where my mum lives).18:28
lkclStranraer is the major route from the Scandinavian countries into Europe.18:29
octaviusHe may have mentioned that one, the one they are going to next is Tilsbury18:29
lkclthe trucks first cough stop off in Belfast where they can cough fill up on reaallly cheap diesel (like, several massive tanks)18:29
lkclthen drive right the way through the UK, across the Channel, right the way through to Eastern Europe18:30
lkcl*and back again*18:30
lkclwithout needing to fill up18:30
octaviusAh ok18:30
octaviusFor my uncle the route largely depends on the cargo and customer, we were lucky that they stopped at Kings Lynn this time18:31
lkclon a single cargo ship you get maybe... 50 lorries, they all thunder down the A75 in a convoy, sigh18:31
octaviusAh, his ship is smaller, and has internal storage, mostly for powder-like cargo18:32
octaviusStill huge when I saw, but in relation to Asian cargo ships, a puny little boat XD18:32
lkclpowder's bloody dangerous18:33
lkclreally good air-fuel ratios if it gets airborne18:33
octaviusI said powder-like, I didn't mean explosives18:33
octaviusI couldn't think of a good word18:33
lkclpowder *is* explosive18:33
octaviusOk, like grain18:33
lkcllook up some of the explosions that have occurred due to grain silos going up18:34
octaviuspossibly fertiliser18:34
lkclthe worst part is that the grain flowing in or out causes a static build-up18:34
lkclthe dust from the husks creates a perfect air-fuel mixture which a static discharge sets off and you get detonation18:35
lkclcustard powder is even worse18:35
octaviusA more recent issue they had in winter, was a massive ice build-up on deck in Norway, 250 tons of ice overnight!18:35
lkclthere was a fire in the UK i think a couple years ago18:35
lkclthat can tip the ship over18:35
lkclit was a serious problem for the convoy supply ships in WWII18:36
octaviusbackbreaking to get rid of too, later pneumatic drills too18:36
octaviusStatic electricity is easy to forget when you don't deal with large scales...18:39
octaviusUnless you deal with semiconductors XD18:39

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