Thursday, 2022-07-14

ghostmansdAn interesting extension which requires uarch support09:33
lkcli've heard of that from somewhere, can't remember where though09:37
ghostmansdit took an eternity but I managed to rebase against Alan's commit10:37
ghostmansdhe did the same thing in a somewhat specific way I wasn't ready for :-)10:38
ghostmansdNope, not yet. One case is still broken: *0.10:41
lkclit's really good that alan's on the ball and making independent improvements13:44
ghostmansd[m]Well I wouldn't call these completely independent :-)17:44
lkclfolks i just merged a whole laborious stack of "ifs" in caller.py19:36
lkclmarkos, ^19:36
ghostmansdShould we handle stuff like *0 at all, or we could drop it?20:53

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