Sunday, 2022-07-17

octaviuslkcl, I'll cp the binaries over to /usr/local/bin, however I lost W access to the libreriscv repo18:01
octaviusOh, no, I'm reading your further comments on modifying the build scrip18:02
lkclprogrammerjake again committed auto-generated output to the wiki and i had to do a force-master push reversion18:07
octaviusYeah, I saw the emails18:08
lkcloctavius, can you please do a "git pull" on the wiki and tell me what the top commit is?18:08
lkclit should be f9efea92ac18:08
lkclbrilliant, ok i'll reenable write access18:08
lkclyou could have used the web front-end btw18:09
octavius"web front-end"? Ew XD18:09
lkclthe wiki git repository is an astounding ONE HUNDRED megabytes.18:09
octaviusgit push/pull is easier XD18:10
lkcli have no frickin idea how it got that big, it's freaking me out18:10
octaviusIt's probably the images18:10
octaviusConverting to svg is probably a useful task18:11
octaviusI was terrible with using large jpg's when I first joined the project18:11
lkcl5621c5baf547  4.9MiB 180nm_Oct2020/ls180_RC7_20210701.png18:11
lkcl0a677fc29029  5.3MiB HDL_workflow/ulx3s_fpga_jtag_wires.jpg18:11
lkcla00f3d94b207  5.3MiB HDL_workflow/ulx3s_fpga_jtag_wires.jpg18:11
lkcldfb12b8851b9  5.6MiB 180nm_Oct2020/2021-03-09-ls180.png18:11
lkcl4534d8c20d55  1.3MiB 3d_gpu/mem_l0_to_l1_bridge_v2.png18:12
lkcl3f3914e84dc1  1.5MiB docs/pinmux/banked_gpio_block.jpg18:12
lkclc6857a2bde91  1.6MiB 3d_gpu/forwarding-1-operand.jpg18:12
lkcl9cdb74761ea1  2.0MiB docs/pinmux/gpio_jtag_1bit.jpg18:12
lkcl7db186b2ae25  2.0MiB HDL_workflow/ulx3s_fpga_jtag_wires.jpg18:12
lkcl063b3636242f  2.0MiB docs/pinmux/io_mux_bank_planning.JPG18:12
lkclc73dc40fe193  2.0MiB 3d_gpu/ld_st_dep_matrix.png18:12
lkcla8b6f3dcba3e  3.7MiB HDL_workflow/ft232r_jtag_wires.jpg18:12
lkcland many more18:13
octaviusThe first image (ls180_RC7...) is nice because you can zoom in quite far18:13
lkclthere is that18:13
octaviusI wonder if the gdsii viewer can generate svg output?18:14
lkcldunno. svg isn't great, text-based18:15
octaviusah, probably becomes unwieldy for large images18:15
lkcleverything does18:15
octaviusso, high compression jpg for photos that aren't important (don't need detail), svg for block diagrams, pngs for necessary detail?18:16
lkclmrhhhm.... ya probably get away with cp to /usr/local/bin but check first that there's nothing in a lib directory18:17
lkclif there's entries in ${installDir}/lib then you really do have to do the install under /usr/local18:17
octaviusthe tas-yagle install dir has 'bin' and 'share' only18:18
lkclbecause otherwise you have to correspondingly add an entry to /etc/, export LD_LIBRARY_PATH, or recompile --static18:18
lkclthose need copying over as well18:18
lkclhonestly because they're all installed there manually, it's just not worth it18:18
lkclyou have to install in ${installDir}/....18:19
octaviusah, the 'localinstall'18:19
octaviusthere are the libs18:19
lkcland *then* copy everything *again* into /usr/local/bin18:19
lkclwhich is (a) a waste of time and18:19
lkcl(b) you could miss something or18:19
lkcl(c) screw something up18:19
lkclall the configs will be set up by default - compiled into the binary - to read from ${installDir)/etc/share18:20
lkclnot /usr/local/etc/share18:20
lkclsorry that needs to be18:20
lkclFHS rules.... don't know them....18:21
lkclyep that one's correct18:22
lkcl /usr/local/share/tasyag/etc18:22
lkclfor conf in avt.slib avttools.dtb Xtas Xyagle trmodel.cfg; do18:23
lkcl  cp distrib/share/etc/$conf ${installDir}/share/tasyag/etc18:23
lkclyep that's correct18:23
lkclonce ${installDir} has been over-ridden to /usr/local that is18:23
lkclecho "AVERTEC_TOP=`pwd`/install/share/tasyag" > "${installDir}/"18:26
lkclecho 'PATH=${AVERTEC_TOP}/tcl:${PATH}' >> "${installDir}/"18:26
lkclecho 'export AVERTEC_TOP' >> "${installDir}/"18:26
octaviuschanging $installDir works18:26
octaviusyeah, those vairables need to be there too I guess18:26
lkclthe only thing is you'll need to change those exports18:27
lkclto target ${installDir}/bin/avt_env.sh18:27
lkclotherwise you end up with being written to /usr/local18:28
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