Thursday, 2022-07-21

Veera[m]<lkcl> "Veera, you need to be added to..." <- Sorry for this late. What I have to do?14:08
lkclVeera[m], i took care of it.17:38
lkcloctavius, yous17:39
lkclsaw about the script not being created (at all, or correctly)?17:39
octaviusYes, I'll try to get that working17:39
lkclalso the documentation isn't built, hence why you've no idea how to test it17:39
lkclthere's a tutorial directory17:40
octaviusAh ok17:40
lkclincludes are borked (subdirectories wrong levels, i suspect i tried "make" in the wrong directory)17:41
lkclnext on the list for you is probably the autogeneration of a GPIO muxer from class Pins()17:48
lkcli think you ended up copying this over to the pinmux repo17:49
Veera[m]lkcl: So when will payment come!18:03
tplatenI had a look at the changes to needed to get clocks working, pnr also works if I set orangecrab_enable_spi to True18:52
tplatenI have done part of the adjusting, but before a complete review I won't flash it to the orangecrab.
tplatenI'm not sure if any changes are need to gram too18:57
lkcloctavius, you good for a meeting tomorrow online at 11:00 UK local time?22:50
octaviusSure, let's do it22:53
octaviusMade a bit of progress with doc generation, will post the bug soon22:53
octaviusI'll be off, speak to you tomorrow, gn23:17

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