Wednesday, 2022-07-20

programmerjakelkcl: can you please make a atomic-benchmarks.git repo? imho putting a whole c++ project in libreriscv.git or openpower-isa.git is probably not a good idea07:52
lkclprogrammerjake, sensible 1 sec09:23
lkcli called it just "benchmarks"09:25
programmerjakewell, now i have to go to all the work of renaming all my repos...09:39
programmerjakei'll rename and push in the morning09:39
lkcli recommend creating a separate subdirectory for each benchmark (1st being atomics/)10:27
lkclotherwise it becomes necessary to add another repository, and another, and another, and another...10:27
programmerjakethe program i'm writing is a general framework for running benchmarks, so that may not be necessary10:28
lkclghostmansd[m], i'm looking for excuses to chuck bits of EUR your way (because of the mad amount of work you're doing on binutils). i've found a couple15:32
ghostmansd[m]lkcl, sounds great!19:57
ghostmansd[m]I found some way to adopt to the recent changes, but still not sure how to handle these best. You might have seen in the mailing list some activities in this regard.19:58
ghostmansd[m]Anyway, the macros support for m/dm/sm/ff/pr are almost here. The only thing is that binutils prevents a bit some of the changes, so they're done in a bit hacky way.19:59
ghostmansd[m]^^^ this is the issue I had in mind; that is, doable, but I consider it a bit obscure and inelegant.20:01
tplatenoff topic: While working on libre-soc I Cailíní I was listening to Cailíní I Grá - Girls In Love by Mrs.Peach feat. Silke O'Hara20:35
tplatenhad a look at - what to do when your bohran hasn't arrived (hint: play an amazon cardboard box)  - and -  playing different household items as a bodhran substitute20:43
tplatenthere is also this one
lkclghostmansd[m], yes i saw. didn't understand it but am following along :)21:10
lkcltplaten, haha21:10
lkcltplaten, i re-sent your RfP to NLnet through the new secret URL system21:11
tplatenthe money arrived on 09th this month21:14
lkclthat sounds like NGI POINTER.21:16
lkcli am talking about the *NLnet* RFP of EUR 1,60021:17
lkclwhich checking the system says the bank transfer's been initiated by NLNet so should be on its way21:20
tplatenI'll check again tomorrow21:23

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