Tuesday, 2022-07-19

lkclprogrammerjake, i've sent a copy of your correctness rfp through the secret URLs12:50
lkcli'm about to do the Standards one as well12:51
lkclprogrammerjake, done, that's the EUR 4450 one13:06
lkclthat's 2 big ones, i've a *lot* of these to do so am prioritising13:08
lkclVeera[m], you need to be added to the MoU by NLnet, for 2019-10-032, i'm going to wait before re-submitting your RFPs via the "secret" URLs13:15
lkclbecause we don't want you getting charged 2x massive bank transfer fees13:15
lkclghostmansd[m], i'm re-submitting your RFP(s) combined into one13:25
lkcldone. what else can we put in?13:29
ghostmansd[m]lkcl, which ones?13:37
ghostmansd[m]Ah I see. Would they have the correct dates and addresses, including payments?13:38
lkclafter speaking with them i know they have the B/A on file so don't need me to submit it again. i specifically told them "use the EU one"14:11
lkclcesar, i am arranging for you to be added to the MoU and am re-submitting the RFP for you14:11
lkclbut can you email staf verhaegen an invoice for EUR 1,000 under https://bugs.libre-soc.org/show_bug.cgi?id=724 ?14:12
lkclcesar, i've re-submitted your 3 RFPs via the new secret URL system for you14:49
lkclNLnet will be able to match up with the email bank account. all good.14:49
lkcloctavius, i've re-submitted your 3 RFPs you sent, via the secret URL system14:57
octaviusOh thanks lkcl! I was gonna ask about that15:14
octaviusSo from  now on, you'll be doing the submission? Or is this a temporary arrangement?15:15
octavius38 degrees where we are :)15:25
octaviusJust checked the car, 44 :( XD15:37
lkcloctavius, turns out everyone will have to do it themselves18:09
octaviusHad a nap, the heat just puts me to sleep18:10
octaviusAh ok18:10
midnightlkcl: I haven't, no, but thank you for the link. I'm from an oldschool type of digital logic design of from-scratch (purely theoretical unfortunately) gate-level design but all the tools I'm used to seem to be long gone. I will read that.19:34
octaviusmidnight: have you used Logisim? I used to use that one when I was learning about digital logic: http://www.cburch.com/logisim/19:37
midnightOh..  no they are indeed still selling some modern version of it: https://www.designworkssolutions.com/logicworks-5-windows/  (commercial, windows, which is why I abandoned it forever ago)19:39
midnightoctavius: Oh nice, thanks.19:40
midnightDoh "Note: Further Logisim development is suspended indefinitely."19:40
midnightOoh familiar interface.19:41
midnightlkcl: argh this is excellent19:51
midnight(the 6600 scoreboard)19:51
lkclmidnight, if you agree to credit Mitch Alsup in any use of his material i can send you the two additional chapters that Mitch wrote, extending 6600 scoreboards to Precise Exceptions21:20
lkclShadowing, and RaW+WaR Hazards21:20
lkclemail me luke.leighton@gmail.com21:20
lkclit also helps enormously to understand Thornton's book because Mitch converted all diagrams from the original ECL logic to standard IEEE-9121:21
octaviusmeeting in 15min lkcl, programmerjake, cesar, toshywoshy, ghostmansd[m], markos21:46

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