Saturday, 2022-07-23

lkclit's in-yer-face and factual. i can't think of a way to soften the blow of plain facts, not when put into a non-socially-contextual document like this00:08
lkclif it was a "chat system" or "an email list" i could put, "there's no easy way to say this, you just have to take a deep breath, but...."00:08
lkclsuch phrasing is completely inappropriate for this type of document.00:09
octaviusOf course, it's difficult to refute the facts00:10
octaviusAnd given it's in the spec, not the primer, it's more acceptable00:10
tplatenYesterday I install iverilog, now I have a look how to run simulations using iverilog, with the recent changes to gram12:12
lkcltplaten, it's quite simple, just run the script.13:59
lkclcaveat: you need to obtain the ECP5 verilog model files.13:59
lkclthey're proprietary, sigh13:59
lkcloctavius, i created this
lkcli'm also updating because i want to link to it in the summary14:02
tplatenI'll have look now, I have been afk for several hours14:09
octaviushi lkcl, yeah I saw, just reading now. good idea14:14
tplatenI guess the file that I have to feed into iverilog is build/top.debug.v14:25
tplatenYes, iverilog reads my generated files14:27
tplaten*** These modules were missing:14:27
tplaten        BB referenced 18 times.14:27
tplaten        CLKDIVF referenced 1 times.14:27
tplaten        DDRDLLA referenced 1 times.14:27
tplaten        DELAYG referenced 16 times.14:27
tplaten        DQSBUFM referenced 2 times.14:27
tplaten        ECLKBRIDGECS referenced 1 times.14:27
tplaten        ECLKSYNCB referenced 1 times.14:27
tplaten        EHXPLLL referenced 1 times.14:27
tplaten        FD1S3AX referenced 2 times.14:27
tplaten        IB referenced 3 times.14:27
tplaten        IDDRX2DQA referenced 16 times.14:27
tplaten        OB referenced 33 times.14:27
tplaten        ODDRX2DQA referenced 18 times.14:27
lkcl"<lkcl> caveat: you need to obtain the ECP5 verilog model files"14:36
lkcltplaten: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^14:36
lkclline 814:37
lkcli cannot give you copies of those files because they are proprietary.14:38
tplatenI saw ECP5 instances models from a Lattice Diamond installation14:40
tplatenthe same thing as with an old Xilinx FPGA, I had to install the non-free toolchain14:41
lkcltplaten, give me 1 second i am setting you up with ssh access to using your gitolite3 ssh key14:41
lkclplease check it now - *do not* attempt to type a password14:42
lkclssh -v -p922 tplaten@talos1.libre-soc.org14:42
tplatenit works14:44
tplatenECDSA key fingerprint is SHA256:JvNPmJpOKbiSHT1W3LcweZYBiZfkPT/t+k4niJNklec.14:44
lkcli leave it to you to explore the home directory and the rest of that system.14:45
tplatenI see there is ecp5u.tgz15:04
cesarlkcl and tplaten : I have, locally, a couple of fixes needed for successfully running the Icarus simulation in Gram. Could you please grant me write access the Gram git repository?15:13
tplatenI cannot do this, so it is up to lkcl15:13
cesarSorry, I meant to say "lkcl , could you please grant me access..."15:15
cesarI also backported from ls2.git to gram, which is needed for successfully generating the headless example. Also created a (untested).15:26
cesartplaten: You can place the ECP5 model files in gram/simulation/ecp5u, where gram/simulation/ expects them.15:33
cesar(I propose merging into, the only difference is the location of the ECP5 model files)15:39
lkclcesar, sure15:47
lkclcesar, tplaten, i've added you both15:47
cesarCool, thanks.15:47
tplatenGuess I have first to convert the to verilog using yosys before I can use it with iverilog.15:50
cesartplaten: The script takes care of that.15:59
tplatenI'll be afk for about half an hour again, then I'll be back the rest of the evening16:00
cesartplaten: Please do a git pull on gram.git. Running ./ in gram/simulation should run, and pass all tests.18:34
tplatenI did18:35
cesarCool. I'll clean and push my changes to the headless examples, later.18:44
tplatenIt works:
tplatenNearly ten years since I started learning python. And libre-soc is not the only project that uses python where I am active in.19:46
lkcl1/3 of the world's programmers use python, now.19:48
tplatenI recently started learning GDScript which is similar to Python. That should be easy to learn in a short amount of time. And the glue code for libsurvive is written on python too. It took me only a few weeks to learn python.19:51

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