Monday, 2022-08-01

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toshywoshyFYI, NLNet proposals have been submitted, I will update the wiki later to reflect the same information as submitted11:10
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lkcltoshywoshy, magic thank you12:15
lkcltoshywoshy, btw can you send a link to any public information to FundingBox, soon? so they can put it into their blahblah "this is a real person make the EU happy" documentation?12:33
octaviuslkcl, for the NGI Pointer team foundation statement, NLnet doesn't count as an EU grant, does it?12:48
octaviusreason I ask is point 2.b) of your example statement12:50
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lkcloctavius, i have no idea what 2.b) is13:40
lkcljust send them a link to a CV and give them some reassurance that you exist.13:40
lkclit's the EU-audit equivalent of "are you a robot"13:41
lkclhello i exist (i am not a fake identity trying to scam the EU out of grant money) i have been working on Libre-SOC for NN months, here's some links online where you can confirm i do in fact exist13:42
lkcli.e. you're not a fake person on a fake project trying to fleece the EU. like the fake farms which took so much EU Grant Money for such a long time that no Chartered Accountancy Firm will sign off on the EU's accounts.13:43
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octaviuslkcl, sent them an email with the form and linkedin14:21
octaviusalso I copied out the text of that pdf doc you sent me into .odt format. If it will be useful in the future, I can upload it as a template14:22
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ghostmansdlkcl, whay should we do with entries like `0b1000000000,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mcrxr,X,`?14:45
ghostmansdI'm trying to wrap get_svp64_csv et al. so that we have some nice pure-Python abstractions atop, so that we could re-use this stuff in sv_binutils and power_decoder14:46
ghostmansdHeck I cannot even recall how it works in sv_binutils now. I should've hit this, since sv_binutils also use get_svp64_csv.14:53
ghostmansdAh yeah. We don't grab "unit" field in sv_binutils, that's why. And other fields happen to be set by get_svp64_csv magic. Sigh.14:57
ghostmansdlkcl, it would be great if you could guide me through PowerDecoder's opcode calculations but w/o all these Signal/eq/does_something stuff. :-) The tree_analyze is a difficult beast, I'm still struggling to undestand how it works.15:09
ghostmansdLet's assume that for any given instruction, I know the following: 1) the major opcode pattern (Subdecoder.pattern); 2) whether this pattern is with dashes (Subdecoder.opint); 3) which Subdecoder.bitsel to use; 4) which Subdecoder.suffix to use.15:11
ghostmansdThat is, assuming I have an instruction entry from certain CSV via get_svp64_csv, and I know the Subdecoder in advance... do we have a simpler way to calculate the opcode without diving into Signal and its friends?15:14
ghostmansdThe only simple and obvious thing is extra.csv: it uses the whole range (all 32 bits) and there '-' symbols are simply translated as zeroes, nothing special. I don't know what on Earth OP_SIM_CONFIG is, though: couldn't find anything in binutils.15:28
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lkclghostmansd, treat it as a binary number, masked by bitsel.18:42
lkclyou shift it up by the start-point of bitsel18:43
lkcland use the *full* range of start-end of bitsel as the mask18:43
lkclyou would create a mask of (1<<(5-0)-1)<<018:44
lkclyou create a mask of18:44
lkcland that value 0b1000000000 you simply shift up by 2018:45
lkclyes, i described how to split out the entirety of create_pdecode() into a completely separate module18:45
lkclignore extra.csv. its contents cannot be SVP64-prefixed anyway18:47
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lkclif you encounter a mask-string, that's a leeetle more complex but not by much18:52
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programmerjakeintrinsics handling idea: lazily generate them, so even if there's 10M, we only pay for what we use which is very likely to be much smaller. patch for clang risc-v v which does that:

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