Sunday, 2022-07-31

lkcltoshywoshy, moornin: can i assume you're putting the libre-bmc NLnet grant proposal in?14:47
toshywoshylkcl: yes, I will do, and then some16:09
lkcltoshywoshy, awesome.  only 18 hours remain.16:40
lkcli have to say "holy cow" - they're up to 107 submissions.  55 of those were in the past 48 hours16:40
lkclthat's just under the new Entrust Programme16:41
lkclbtw do make sure to mention that it qualifies for EUR 75,000 as part of Libre-SOC due to 2019-02-012 having been completed 100%16:43
lkclif you can keep up-to-date (cut/paste exactly what's submitted) i'd be most grateful, it keeps to the "full transparency" thing16:43
lkcl(and helps make communication easier with ADG, LibreBMC, etc etc etc etc)16:44
lkclthat's in
lkclremember *you* won't be able to put in over EUR 50,000.  or, you might, but only by saying "this is part of Libre-SOC"17:05
lkcltoshywoshy, do remember that NLnet cannot exceed EUR 200k to any one entity. this is a hard limit imposed on them by the EU, under their contract as a 3rd party Financial Provider19:59
lkclso you could for example have Vantosh receive EUR 200k, and someone else EUR 200k (from the same Grants, over time)20:01
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ghostmansdMoar on opcodes and prefixes20:14
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lkclghostmansd, power_decode.py22:00
lkclit's... sort-of there22:01
lkclthe thing is it's hierarchichal information.22:36

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