Thursday, 2022-08-04

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Veera[m]Have any new work me!!09:42
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programmerjakeghostmansd: you should be able to copy the values for `darn` from:
programmerjakethat's where the csvs originally came from11:51
ghostmansdYes, I know this was generated.11:51
ghostmansdHow about having a list of identifiers to be skipped?11:51
ghostmansdLikely in the same place where CVSs reside.11:51
ghostmansdSorry, but hard-coding these in the code is a really bad option.11:52
programmerjakei meant you could take the values from the line i linked and use them to fill in the csv fields...11:52
ghostmansdDon't we have a generator for this?11:54
ghostmansdI mean, if we generated the file, shouldn't we keep generating it from decode1.vhdl?11:54
programmerjakeyes, but it goes the other way, from csv to vhdl11:54
programmerjakewe started from decode1.vhdl then edited it by hand11:55
programmerjakeedited the csv11:55
ghostmansdSo we took decode1.vhdl, then generated the CSV, then edited it?11:57
ghostmansdWhy don't generate this CSV from VHDL and at the same time have some special CSV which only overrides entries which need to be overridden?11:58
ghostmansdChanging the artifacts (and this includes the generated code) is a really strange option.11:58
ghostmansdI guess at some point there was no darn insn in decode1.vhdl, right? Is it why this was added in CSV?11:59
programmerjakeyes, we converted before darn was added11:59
ghostmansdIf we haven't touched the generated artifact at all and simply had a custom CSV, that one would be a great field for experiments.12:00
programmerjakeoriginal commit:;a=commit;h=f1b3aff57eed74fd8b7afb74de84b562778518eb12:01
ghostmansdAnd perhaps we even could restrict custom CSV with only new names. That is, when the code opens the generated CSV and a custom one, it could check if a custom CSV tries to update the insn already present in the generated one.12:01
ghostmansdBut OK, I will skip these entries for now.12:02
programmerjakelkcl would know if he still has whatever script generated the csv lying around...12:02
ghostmansdStill this is bad, because it's silent and non-obvious, and requires a manual intervention and intimate knowledge of the sources.12:02
ghostmansdOne of rules I've constantly been sticking to is never EVER edit the autogenerated files.12:03
programmerjakeyeah, we definitely need more error checking...if we were using rust this would be more likely to be error checked because we'd just parse it into a struct...12:04
programmerjakeserde's pretty awesome in that respect12:04
ghostmansdWell, basically all the recent comments are caused by the fact I started adding these checks12:08
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octaviuslkcl, the Pin class doesn't include the bank information. Should I add a parameter to indicate the bank (0/1/2/3)?14:13
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markosprogrammerjake, iirc you pasted a list of RVV intrinsics some time ago, but I cannot find the link, it was probably in jitsi, would you mind sharing this again? or even better a parsable/mineable file with the full intrinsics list?16:03
markosor rather a link to that16:04
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ghostmansdmarkos, something like this?
ghostmansdwell, rather this:
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