Friday, 2022-08-05

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markosghostmansd, yes thank you, but I see that I have to figure out something different, they are just too many08:31
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programmerjakelkcl: you broke it:
programmerjakeplease revert removal of dataclasses, they add eq, hash, and repr, which are needed for the tests11:07
programmerjakealso, syntax like below doesn't work, autoformatters won't leave it that way:11:12 = xyz; "docs for abc"11:12
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programmerjakeghostmansd: Afaict using lru_cache on a generator function doesn't really work -- the first time the generator is used it will use up items from the generator, leaving it as an empty iterator for all subsequent uses.22:18
programmerjakealso, you can use @cached_property which has a per-class instance cache that works by just setting the attribute on the instance hiding the class'es property rather than a global cache, making it more efficient and nicer to use. we have a version of it on
programmerjakesoc uses it:;a=blob;;h=ddbdf8b4402fc7316616bf30bdad22b4386d4a88;hb=HEAD#l4422:24
programmerjake@cached_property only on non-generators of course22:25
programmerjakeit was added to python 3.8:
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