Tuesday, 2022-08-23

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* lkcl panicking slightly, i've been asked to do a last-minute presentation on Power ISA simulators, eek, eek11:47
programmerjakewell, you have the source, who needs slides? :) hope it goes well11:51
programmerjakehow last minute? like 3hr or 2d?11:53
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lkcl20 hours12:49
lkclnggh :)12:49
lkcli've created this https://libre-soc.org/openpower/simulators/12:49
lkclbecause although the original slot was to be about gem5, i can't possibly do 1 hr on gem512:49
lkclinstead what i said i'd do is a comparison of the various different power isa simulators12:49
lkcland hopefully in the process attract people/interest to ISACaller and the cavatools port12:50
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lkcldamn screwed up the audio, having to filter/process it (ffmpeg-normalize)16:16
lkclmic moved away16:16
lkclmarkos, hiya - you on for tonight?20:15
lkcli had an idea of perhaps going over utf-8 validation to see if it can be done ridiculously-fast with svp6420:16
lkcland if not, why not :)20:16
programmerjakeit totally can be done quickly, though using a subtraction chain is likely quite slow due to the serial dependency. for my idea each element is generally independent of preceding or succeeding elements.20:27
programmerjakeimho discussing it during the meeting may not be the best time, since I can't type at any decent rate since jitsi doesn't work correctly in landscape mode and my on-screen keyboard is too narrow in portrait mode.20:29
lkclwith some register-copying, repeated subtracts, and a moving (shifted) mask the subtract-chain is avoided20:30
lkclmarkos is busy all other times so there may not be any other opportunity to get any input from him at all20:30
programmerjakeasynchronously through email?20:31
octaviusprogrammerjake, can you not connect to jitsi from a laptop/desktop?20:32
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programmerjakei could try...20:33
octaviusthe web app works pretty well (that's how I've been connecting)20:34
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markoslkcl, sure21:26
markosit's in 30 min right?21:26
markosyes, definitely, I thought you wanted to reschedule21:27
programmerjakeimho lkcl meant he couldn't talk for 3hr because he has stuff he has to do early tomorrow...21:30
programmerjakei'm fine, i'll just use my desktop21:30
sadoon[m]20-core talos up and running!21:32
sadoon[m]But alas it's bedtime, I let it build the latest 5.10 LTS in 12 minutes, quite impressive given that it's running in dual channel atm21:33
sadoon[m]My new RAM is arriving soon, 128 glorious gigabytes to replace the ones I put in my intel rig21:35
sadoon[m]Hopefully I can get buildd and stuff running soon21:35
markossadoon[m], ooc, I've read that the high core P9s need special indium plates instead of thermal paste, is that true?21:36
sadoon[m]I have an extra 8-core sforza chip now if anyone wants to get it for cheap(er)21:36
sadoon[m]I have no use for it21:36
sadoon[m]markos: Apparently you don't put any thermal paste, it "just works"21:36
sadoon[m]I'm not sure what they're using exactly but my temps do not cross 65c and the fans don't seem to spin at all21:36
sadoon[m]Which is weird because my fan was extremely noisy with the 8-core and they both run at 3.8ghz full throttle21:37
markosthis is weird21:38
markosI know the chips are extremely flat to dissipate heat faster, but I was told -when I was thinking of ordering myself- that I would have to also get special indium plates21:40
sadoon[m]Could be that I didn't mount it right first time?21:40
markosno idea21:40
sadoon[m]markos: Oh no, if that's the case that's probably on the IHS21:40
sadoon[m]Because the heatsink is pure copper on the bottom21:40
sadoon[m]Integrated heat spreader (i think)21:42
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