Wednesday, 2022-08-24

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lkclprogrammerjake, i'm investigating sv.andi - it's in the RM*.csv files but doesn't get recognised. extremely weird.13:02
programmerjakeoh, I already fixed that...13:04
programmerjakelkcl: see
programmerjakeby fixed I mean the assembler, if the simulator is broken too I didn't fix that...13:05
lkcloh ha ha you'll love this: there's isn't an "andi" but there is an "andi."13:09
lkcland the assumption made by sv/trans/ is that there is *always* a non-Rc variant13:10
programmerjakebasic summary, all those people who like orthogonal instruction sets will have to stick with their VAXes, PowerISA is far from orthogonal.13:11
programmerjakewell, gn. have to get some sleep before the meeting later...13:13
lkclprogrammerjake, ok. nice work on utf8.13:13
programmerjakeoh, also, can you figure out what you want to do with all the csvs that aren't committed to openpower-isa.git?13:14
programmerjake        modified:   openpower/isatables/RM-1P-2S1D.csv13:14
programmerjake        modified:   openpower/isatables/RM-2P-1S1D.csv13:14
programmerjakeUntracked files:13:14
programmerjake        openpower/isatables/RM-1P-1S.csv13:14
octaviuslkcl, thanks for the emulator comparison video! Didn't quite realise just how much work and thought goes into it13:43
octaviusWith each day there turns out to be more and more depth XD13:44
lkcloctavius, nggh, tell me about it13:53
lkclwhat was fascinating during helping the students, live, was they kept clicking the ssh terminal and expected the cursor to jump to that position, as if it was an editor13:54
lkclthey're remotely logging in, 10,000 miles away, into the University of Oregon server13:54
octaviusHave they used linux before? Might be good for them to do a basic course on that (or better, switch to it on a spare machine)13:55
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* lkcl salutes ghostmansd 18:56
lkcldiscussion came up today/yesterday to add a svshape2, slightly different format than svshape.18:57
ghostmansdhi Luke18:57
ghostmansdOK please raise the task18:57
lkclghostmansd, willdo18:58
ghostmansdI'm buried with these classes, fixing an issue which simultaneously prevents the migration and makes the code barely readable18:58
ghostmansdyet another turn over fricking metaclasses, hopefully this time done right :-)18:58
lkclnggh fun :)18:58
ghostmansdmetaclasses _are_ hard19:03
ghostmansdbut, once you understand what you need, they _are_ amazing19:03
ghostmansdmy error was that in previous implementation some of the fields ended up being _instances_, not _classes_19:03
ghostmansdand now everything will be a type, and the reference to the same SelectableInt will be used19:04
ghostmansdthe previous implementation created some copies19:04
lkcli've used type() before to create on-demand classes. its three arguments (name, base-list, dict-of-props) is pretty much the same as __new__19:06
ghostmansdthis is exactly __new__19:08
ghostmansdbasically Meta gets the same args19:09
ghostmansdMeta(name, bases, ns, **kwargs) == type(name, bases, ns, **kwargs)19:09
lkclghostmansd, late as it is you joining us this evening?22:05
lkclprogrammerjake, meeting22:05
ghostmansdyou caught me :-)22:06
ghostmansdI'll join in a couple of minutes22:06
ghostmansddoing a rebase and push22:06
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