Wednesday, 2022-10-05

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markosghostmansd[m], could you please tell me what is wrong here:08:44
markossv.fadds/mrr *vin + 1, *vin + 1, *vin08:44
markosgives me this error: Error: invalid operands (*UND* and *ABS* sections) for `*'08:44
markosvin = 8, VL = 1808:45
markosthis used to work a while ago09:17
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lkclmarkos, can you do10:55
lkclsv/fadds *vin+1, *vin, *vin10:55
lkclsv/fadds *vin, *vin+1, *vin10:55
lkclsv/fadds *vin + 1, *vin, *vin10:55
lkclsv/fadds *vin, *vin + 1, *vin10:55
lkclall four of those10:55
markosall 4 fail, it's the /mrr that is the culprit10:57
markosit's this loop: for (i = 17; i >= 1; i--) in[i] += in[i-1];10:58
lkcl1 sec11:15
lkclnope. can't put it into pysvp64asm, you're using macros with arithmetic11:16
markoswhat macros? the variable names?11:21
markoswell, it works without /mrr11:22
lkclsv.ffadds/mrr *16, *20, *24?11:22
markossv.fadds/mrr *13, *13, *1211:23
markosdoesn't work11:23 shows all 4 of these work11:23
lkclok so it's not regnames11:23
markosI'm testing the compiler11:23
lkcl    def test_12_mr_r(self):11:23
lkcl        expected = [11:23
lkcl                    "sv.add./mrr/vec2 *3,*7,*11",11:23
lkcl                    "sv.add./mr/vec2 *3,*7,*11",11:23
lkcl                    "sv.add./mrr *3,*7,*11",11:23
lkcl                    "sv.add./mr *3,*7,*11",11:23
markoser, assembler11:23
lkclworks perfectly11:23
markosI mean binutils11:25
markosfor these projects, I'm *only* testing binutils11:25
lkcli don't use it (yet).  can you use this style instead?11:26
lkcljacob wrote a function which calculates branch-address offsets.  it still doesn't have arithmetic in the ".set" syntax though (sorry!)11:29
markoslong term it's better to have binutils support though11:33
markosthat's why I tagged ghostmansd[m] if he can shed some light in the error message11:34
markosif we can fix this in binutils, all the better11:34
ghostmansd[m]I'll check it later today11:34
markoslkcl, in the opf_isa_wg discussion url, quoted text needs line wraps, it appears as one huge line right now11:48
lkclyep on it, just doing answers11:51
lkclprogrammerjake, luuuckkilyyy, i was able to back down gitolite3 to debian/stable.12:06
lkclactually... debian/stretch (!) 3.6.612:07
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ghostmansd[m]markos, should be fine now12:22
lkclghostmansd[m], yay12:23
markosok, updating, will let you know asap12:23
ghostmansd[m]You'll have to rebuild it with one of our scripts, though12:23
ghostmansd[m]Sure, ping me12:23
markosyes, done this a few times already :)12:24
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markosghostmansd[m], yup!12:51
markosthanks, that was really fast12:51
ghostmansd[m]Cool! Cool cool cool.12:54
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lkclmarkos: good call about adding "examples" to the grant14:06
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lkclcesar, btw do15:18
lkclput in the RFP and the Formal Proof as soon as you can!15:18
lkclNLnet is currently being overwhelmed with RFPs at the moment as everyone is trying to hit the mid-october deadline15:19
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programmerjakelkcl, can you handle
octaviuslkcl, is it expected for the mux setting to be individually settable for every pin?15:57
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markoslkcl, small correction, mp3 not totally done16:31
markosstill working on it16:31
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lkclanother set of questions came in from the 2nd grant request
lkcltoshywoshy, ping, i submitted ls002 via, did it come in to the ticket system?18:21
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lkclprogrammerjake, done18:32
lkcloctavius, yes, but not for the GPIO-setting to *require* muxing.18:32
lkcli.e. it should still be possible for someone to create an IO bank not having any muxing at all18:33
lkclmarkos, no problem. i would say "no rush" but that's not strictly true :)18:33
markosworking on it as we speak18:34
markosI'll have it done by the weekend18:34
programmerjakethx lkcl19:14
lkclprogrammerjake, do use that stackexchange matrix-inverse rather than bring in numpy as "yet-another-dependency"21:16
lkclnumpy is... big21:16
programmerjakenumpy wouldn't have been suitable anyway since i need the inverse as exact rational numbers, not floats21:20
lkclahh intriguing21:22
programmerjakemeeting in 18 min21:42
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lkcloctavius, ping meeting22:01
lkclprogrammerjake, ^22:01
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