Monday, 2022-10-10

markosok, one more question before I hit the bed, I have two maddlds, same elements, but I need the second to multiply the elements *in reverse order*, if first is sum_0^N{A[i]*B[i]}, the 2nd should be sum_0^N{A[i]*B[N-i]}00:13
markosis that a case of svindex?00:13
markosbasically the second would have A index ascending, but B index descending00:14
markosor is it easier to just reverse B (and how should I do that?)00:19
lkclyeah that'll be an svindex again01:00
lkclthis time you would set rmm=0b00100 (if you wanted to reverse-order on RC)01:01
lkclyou should be able to create the reversed-indices with "sv.svstep/mrr"01:04
lkclalthough, i am drumming my fingers here at the number of times inversion is coming up, i think it may be time for a 64-bit version of svshape01:05
lkclbut the last time i tried that it really did not go well01:05
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markoslkcl, know what would be good?12:01
markosan SVP64 cookbook, how to solve certain problems using SVP64, showcasing the new instructions12:01
markoseg. how to produce inverse indices12:02
markosI could write already a few entries there based on the functions done so far12:02
markoscould be in the form of a knowledge-base, FAQ, or wiki, but preferably something online12:03
markosthis is definitely what many developers will look for anyway and what will actually win them over12:04
markossee exactly how it's done, vs reading about the instructions in a spec12:04
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octaviusmarkos, if a an iwiki section hasn't been started, a svp64cookbook.mdwn could be made on the site. Then using the same workflow we have for the pandoc/latex pdf generation to make a portable doc15:23
lkclyes great idea15:24
octaviusTo use, would it have to be under the "openpower" dir?15:25
octaviusIn the Makefile rules I see the --filter arg, so I guess a dir could be specified15:28
octaviusI don't know if you want to have the cookbook and spec in the same dir, would start to get a little busy?15:29
markosI would put them in separate dirs15:29
markosbut great idea15:29
markosand easy to expand15:29
lkcl - is an automatic "collation"15:30
lkclso the ideas can go one per page under a subdir15:30
lkclthen "appear" magically in a top-level "listing" page15:31
markoscan we have categories as well?15:31
markoseg generic for loops, dot-products, cross-products, how to use predicates, how to use indices, remaps, etc15:33
lkclas tags, yes15:46
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markoslkcl, I remember you mentioning graphcore a while ago:
markosbasically it's gameover for graphcore19:10
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lkclthat was on the cards pretty much straight away19:51
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lkclanything that specialist / focussed is a serious risk19:51
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