OPF External RFCs

Funded by NLnet Grants as part of EU Horizon 2023: NGI Entrust No 101069594

These are Draft Proposals only that are in the process of being written and submitted to the OpenPOWER Foundation ISA TWG. They are not part of the official Power ISA unless ratified by the OPF ISA TWG. Power ISA is Trademarked and use of the ISA covered by an Open EULA Draft unofficial proposals in PDF form may be found on the Libre-SOC FTP site

Constructive Feedback on Libre-SOC Draft Proposals is best discussed on the Libre-SOC ISA mailing list. Note that once RFCs are formally submitted, involvement in their discussion within the OPF ISA TWG first requires OPF Membership, and once joined a request to be submitted to join the ISA TWG. Actual submission of an External RFC however does not require OPF Membership.

To add a new RFC, take a copy of an existing RFC and use it as a template, ensure to keep the '''opf_rfc''' tagging so that the RFC appears automatically on this page. In the box below type the next available number "lsNNN" to begin creating a new page.

Please note: research, writing, development, and any discussion of RFCs before 25oct2022 (ls001, ls002, ls003) do not qualify for NLnet funding under nlnet 2022 opf isa wg because NLnet Grants are not retrospective. However further work on those 3 RFCs does qualify (because the further work is initiated after 25oct2022, the Grant Approval date).

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Posted Sun Oct 29 16:55:22 2023
Posted Wed May 24 12:23:53 2023
Posted Wed May 24 12:20:17 2023
Posted Wed May 24 12:05:14 2023
Posted Wed May 24 12:01:52 2023
Posted Sat Apr 29 13:24:10 2023
Posted Sat Apr 29 11:55:42 2023
Posted Tue Apr 25 10:09:15 2023
Posted Fri Apr 21 23:12:36 2023
Posted Fri Apr 14 10:38:50 2023
Posted Fri Apr 7 10:32:14 2023
Posted Thu Apr 6 13:24:48 2023
Posted Wed Mar 29 14:23:42 2023
Posted Sun Mar 26 18:53:48 2023
Posted Wed Mar 22 23:22:13 2023
Posted Tue Mar 7 14:15:47 2023
Posted Mon Oct 31 19:12:26 2022
Posted Thu Sep 8 15:38:26 2022
Posted Thu Sep 8 13:21:20 2022