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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton

  • Hardware Experience: assembly-level programming, gate-level circuit design, PCB design, reverse-engineering, embedded systems design and programming, software engineering, standards development, libre project management and more.
  • Ethical Technology Specialist. Identifies socio-economic imbalances and works out if there's an ethical way in which technology can help. If that technology doesn't exist, creates it.
  • Interests: varied and including particle physics, Medieval and Folk music, and writing poems.
  • website:
  • github: doesn't have one (because github is a proprietary non-free service), runs his own git servers, manages projects (several), entirely in a libre fashion, including managing the server(s).
  • Availability: full-time

Jacob Lifshay

  • FOSS Software Developer, Hardware Designer, Original Author of Kazan (one of our GPU drivers, also a software-rendered Vulkan implementation that works on most CPUs)
  • Built a working RV32I CPU and VGA core that runs a 3D game in 3 weeks:
  • Built an algebraic numbers library:
  • Built a (non-official) reference implementation of IEEE 754-2019 (binary floating-point):
  • Interests: Computer Graphics, Compilers, Simulation, Rust-lang, Anime, Astrophysics, Electronics, Computer Design, Chemistry, Nuclear Physics, Cellular Automatons, Video Game Software Engineering, High-performance Computing
  • GitHub:
  • Availability: full-time

Tobias Platen

Yann Guidon (whygee)

  • Experience: Processor architecture : designer of F-CPU project since 1999 YASEP (16- & 32-bits real-time controller) YGREC8 (8-bits microcontroller)
  • Interests: Designer of electronic circuits circuits for industrial and artistic applications with dedicated workshop for PCB prototyping with wide range of technologies Algorithmics, including data compression, signal processing (sound & picture), optimisations, design for test...

Lauri Kasanen

  • Embedded software engineer
  • Interests: niche platforms, embedded, servers, graphics
  • github:
  • Availability: part-time

Veera Kumar

  • Software developer, programmer and small system administrator
  • Knowledge in using Redhat, Fedora, Debian and few others
  • Have experience building a custom Linux distribution based on LFS/CLFS
  • Experience in Shell, C, Awk, Perl, Python, Lua, HTML, CSS, PHP
  • Develop websites, run VPS on Linux
  • Build open source softwares from source and test and use it
  • Website
  • Availability: part-time

Jock Tanner

  • Expertise: Python developer, full-stack web developer (6+ years)
  • My code:,
  • GNU/Linux user/administrator
  • Hobbies: electronics, real-time systems, digital music & sound processing, embedded systems, FPGA, retro computing
  • Availability: ~20hrs/week
  • Time zone: UTC+10:00

Alain Williams

Alain's website:

Cesar Strauss

  • Experience: Data acquisition and control for scientific instruments
  • Programming of microcontrolers and FPGAs
  • Digital circuit design
  • Availability: Outside normal working hours.

Cole Poirier

Sanjay A Menon

Samuel A Falvo II

  • Experience in amateur HDL projects (Kestrel-3 homebrew computer concept; VDC-II core), Verilog (but not System Verilog), newbie at PCB design. Extensive experience with test-driven development, Python, assembly language for a wide variety of CPUs including RISC-V, and Forth. Very comfortable with nMigen, but still learning things.
  • Interests: Forth, Common Lisp, Scheme, assembly language, {Astro|Semiconductor-}physics, astronomy, martial arts, furry (character: black dragon; name: "Vertigo").
  • Websites:
    • ,
    • ,
  • Public Repositories:
    • ,
  • Availability: approximately 20 hrs/wk, circumstances permitting.