Richard Wilbur

Libre enthusiast, mathematician, physicist, electrical engineer, and computer scientist who is ecstatic to be working on a new processor design with a group of like-minded individuals!



Working on the following efforts:

  • Multiplication

Working on the multiplication wiki page to document ideas for multiplication algorithms and implementation.

  • Bug 602

Working on Bug 602 - low performance bare minimum functionality SIMD emulator required pulling pseudocode out of documentation to make a VSX implementation in software. Based on the ISA spec. v3.0B:

  1. pp. 246 to 252, vector pack/unpack (Looks like section 6.8 "Vector Permute and Formatting Instructions", subsection 6.8.1 "Vector Pack and Unpack Instructions" actually appears on pages labeled 248-254 which are actually pages 266-272)