Tuesday, 2022-11-08

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ghostmansd[m]Just caught one of the most surprising errors in binutils upon decoding an operand in disassembly. The thing is, binutils treat optional operands specially, and we fail to match, say, RA vs optional RA.19:27
ghostmansd[m]I've provided a simple table of aliases, so this is covered.19:27
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lkclnicely done.20:47
lkclmeeting 10min btw.20:49
lkclghostmansd[m], just saw this - https://bugs.libre-soc.org/show_bug.cgi?id=947 - the cr-field-name support is nice20:52
lkclalthough i would expect vector-of-cr-field-name to be extremely obtuse20:52
lkcl*(4*cr7+le) ???20:53
ghostmansd[m]You missed that we have a custom syntax20:53
ghostmansd[m]Or, actually, forgot20:54
ghostmansd[m]I don't recall the exact IRQ discussion, our logs are difficult to find20:54
ghostmansd[m]But, to answer: it'll be "*cr7.le"20:54
ghostmansd[m]The vectors are exactly the reason why there's a new syntax20:55
ghostmansd[m]And SVP64 uses this syntax in both binutils and our code20:55
programmerjakei'll be in the meeting in a few min...20:59
ghostmansd[m]I'll miss this one, too tired and so late21:01
ghostmansd[m]Hopefully next week21:01
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toshywoshyis the meeting now?21:09
toshywoshyI will be there in 5 minutes21:10
programmerjakecoreutils uses software crc32 afaict: https://git.savannah.gnu.org/gitweb/?p=coreutils.git;a=blob;f=src/cksum.c;h=c74aef05125952c072a0f8e4f46013d9887780b9;hb=HEAD21:27
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octaviusat the end of the call briefly talked about a possible orangecrab add-on board (custom PCB) to route out the PMODs22:56
octaviusprogrammerjake mentioned "maybe we could get/make a board that connects to the orangecrab's castellations via spring-loaded contacts "22:56
octavius"no end-user soldering required then"22:57
octaviusWhich does sound like a good idea22:57
octaviusHopefully as I continue the pinmux, look at the fpga, we can get closer to a demo piece with peripherals22:57
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