Wednesday, 2022-11-09

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ghostmansd[m]lkcl, hi! Are there any news on MoU and budgets?15:55
ghostmansd[m]The tasks include completed tasks, such as new binutils instructions and fully automatic word instructions support, and also there are changes for SVP64 instructions and future gdb changes.15:57
ghostmansd[m]The situation here is more and more unstable, I cannot ignore this question anymore.15:58
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lkclghostmansd[m], i'm recovering from a cold, but yesterday nobody objected to the 4 algorithms18:52
lkcli'll do some budgets tomorrow.18:52
ghostmansd[m]Thanks, Luke!19:09
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rsctoshywoshy: any hint how to join the OpenPower-Summit? I have a "useless" registration mail, where the link leads to "permission denied" - and no hint where it's going to take place...23:16
rscAnd still does not mention the event it all.23:18
programmerjakei've heard credible rumors that it's been effectively cancelled and converted into webinars to happen later, no official confirmation tho23:19
rscYay, sounds like communication is broken.23:22
rscOr, maybe even the health of the foundation itself.23:22
programmerjakei think it was more they didn't want to publicize that there was much less interest than they hoped...i heard they didn't have enough speakers other than the usual participants or something23:25
programmerjakeafaict the foundation is doing just fine23:26
programmerjakeworks out well for me because i'm running late on my presentation...had to rewrite the register allocator for implementing toom-cook multiplication, took a lot longer than planned23:29
rscWell, I asked them for heavily discounted Power hardware already 1.5 years ago. I would replace my x64 hardware with Power, if it's nicely discounted. Given I do a lot of Fedora/RHEL stuff, I surely would have been able to contribute then.23:29
programmerjakethat's a WIP...23:31
rsc(this was not referring to Libre-SOC, but to heavily discounted IBM hardware to replace my hobby server)23:33
programmerjakeiirc toshaan is working on convincing IBM to offer discounted POWER9 WIP (no guarantees)23:36
lkclrsc, if you're a FOSS developer and have a project that you're doing which needs access to a machine to test it, then OPF has something called "openhub" where you can get remote access to VMs or entire machines, depending on your need23:39
rscprogrammerjake: Good to hear that it's WIP.23:39
rsclxo: I prefer own hardware, given I'm not putting my mail server or similar into untrusted cloud environments in unknown countries.23:40
lkcluoregon has some extremely beefy POWER9 systems they can provide remote access to for example23:40
rsclxo: sorry, wrong tabbing.23:41
rsclkcl: ^23:41
lkcltoshywoshy is encouraging openbsd to register so that they can get access and then test out builds.  other distros too.23:41
lkclthat's why i said "if you are a FOSS developer working on a FOSS project"23:42
lkclif it's just personal code which is entirely private and/or for personal use for storage of personal data then you wouldn't qualify for access23:43
rscIt would be indeed mixed usage, but that still doesn't qualify.23:43
rscI'm running a hobby server for nearly 20 years now (n-th generation indeed), which is "production", learning, development and contributions to FLOSS for me.23:44
lkclthere has to be some "benefit" to the wider OpenPOWER community.23:44
lkclok so if in the process of that "production", learning, development and contributions, you were ensuring that Library X or Package Y was working 100% on the Power ISA23:45
lkclthat would definitely qualify23:45
lkclespecially and particularly if it resulted in upstream patches or distro patches that ensured that that Library or Package was made reliable or otherwise improved for *other people* beyond yourself23:46
rscAnd I even would pay for hardware (because I would like own hardware), but not list-price or less discounted prices offered by hardware distributors out there.23:46
rscWell, getting stuff upstream is part of my Fedora/FLOSS contributions for 15+ years now. So far just not hardware-specific, because x64 is boring mainline.23:47
lkclha, that would do.23:48
lkclbtw, toshywoshy compiled up PowerEL for the SFFS Compliancy Subset.  several packages will need patching: if you'd like to help out with that, you'd be most welcome23:49
lkcl(sotto voice and i could give you ssh access to without the hassle of going through OPF openhub approval)23:50
rscat Fedora, I can access ppc64le, IIRC.23:51
lkclnice.  as a VM?23:51
rscUnprivileged shell access, same should IIRC apply to s390x, too. But I use them rarely these days.23:52
rscNot sure if it's VM or hardware partitioned.23:53
lkcltpearson sponsored us with a massive beefy TALOS-II - with 128 GB RAM and an insane 18-core with 4-threads per core.23:53
rscThat's outstanding, much more powerful, I think.23:54

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