Tuesday, 2022-11-15

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klysprogrammerjake, might be interesting if anyone figures out how to buy one04:49
programmerjakeapparently you have to also buy a motherboard: https://videocardz.com/newz/mtt-s80-chinese-gaming-gpu-goes-on-sale-but-you-cant-buy-it-without-a-motherboard04:52
programmerjakeyou can apparently get it from: https://item.m.jd.com/product/10065360417210.html (desktop page immediately goes to login page, so view it in mobile mode)04:56
programmerjakeklys ^04:56
klysprogrammerjake, I guess that's 425.50 usd05:05
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lkclmeeting, all.20:59
lkclcesar programmerjake toshywoshy markos lxo jn ghostmansd FUZxxl sadoon[m]1 ^21:00
ghostmansdAh, do we have it today? I thought that it's tomorrow.21:00
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programmerjakelkcl, please send email with new meeting times, if any23:18

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