Wednesday, 2022-11-16

programmerjakefound a >100% speedup for the bigint_presentation_code register allocator -- fixing plain_data to use exec with generated source code rather than getattr everywhere:;a=commitdiff;h=4bf2f20bddc057df1597d14e0b990c0b9bdeb10e06:13
programmerjakealso, TOOM-2 aka. Karatsuba Multiplication works now for at least 256x256-bit:;a=commit;h=a369418056bf51137af0fc6bdcfc0799697df58306:16
sadoon[m]1<lkcl> "cesar programmerjake toshywoshy..." <- Unfortunately it was past bedtime for me :p06:20
programmerjaketoo bad...iirc lkcl was talking about something like moving the meeting to be earlier on tue...we can't really move the wed meeting earlier because then the australians wouldn't be able to attend, sorry06:22
sadoon[m]1Hey being able to attend on tuesday only is better than not being able to attend at all :D06:26
sadoon[m]1Work starts at 8 for me and I usually have to leave home by 6:30am max so 12am and 1am are just not possible unfortunately06:26
sadoon[m]1Soon work is gonna start at 7:30 instead of 8 so that makes it worse in that regard06:27
programmerjakeafaict cesar has work end pretty close to when the tue meeting starts, he always seems to be driving home. maybe we can figure something out?06:31
sadoon[m]1Even if it is only shifted 2 hours earlier that would be good for me06:32
sadoon[m]1But do keep in mind I'm not as active as you guys due to life and work so I hope I'm not disrupting anyone's timing06:32
programmerjakeWell, I'll wait and see what lkcl says when he wakes up...06:35
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cesarMy hours are a bit flexible, I could leave work a little earlier, once a week.09:49
cesar... or enter the meeting a little late.09:54
cesarAt the very beginning, we used to have two meeting times, separated by 12 hours, so people could choose the best time for them. We stopped doing that because of lack of demand, but we could try again...10:00
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lkclsadoon[m]1, appreciated. we still have 2 people (ghostmansd, markos) in UTC+215:00
lkcl09:00 UTC becomes 19:00 Brisbane time, but is 2am for San Fransisco and 5am for NY!15:02
sadoon[m]1Yeah that's still quite bad for Americans15:04
lkclyou have to get to about 17:00 UTC before things get "better"...15:05
lkclbut that is 14:00 local time for Sao Paulo, which is in the middle of work hours for you, cesar15:06
sadoon[m]1Have you considered weekends?15:06
sadoon[m]1I'm fine with weekends, although our weekends are a little different15:07
sadoon[m]1We start work on Sunday, and so Thursday and Friday nights I can join a bit late15:07
sadoon[m]1(Only if this is a comfortable time for everyone of course :p)15:08
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lkcl> Have you considered weekends?15:18
lkclevidently not! good idea :)15:18
ghostmansd[m]I'm kinda lost. Will we have meeting today?15:53
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lkclno, we have two people missing who cannot attend16:03
lkcldiscussion above is for the *weekly* tuesday meeting, to move it to a better time (or, as sadoon suggested, day)16:03
sadoon[m]1Glad I could help :D16:04
sadoon[m]1I have a conference coming up soon and so next week I am on vacation technically, I can attend any time at night16:05
sadoon[m]1Actually vacation for two weeks16:05
ghostmansd[m]Ah, OK, got it16:05
ghostmansd[m]lkcl, I'm not sure if you seen my message on yesterday jitsi chat. Could you, please, explain, what do I need to do for MoU?16:06
ghostmansd[m]It's clear to me what to do in terms of code, but manager's activities always horrify me.16:07
ghostmansd[m]I did some management routine, but, frankly, it's so boring and sometimes annoying...16:07
lkclwell it is just boring admin... ha ha yes16:08
lkclbut in this case it is really "just create bugreports as usual"16:08
lkclso this is an example:
ghostmansdok, bug reports I can handle :-)16:09
lkcland this one's comment zero needs to look exactly like it
lkclyou can see what happened, by looking at #589's bugreports: each comment #0 from each bugreport got copied into the *939* comment #016:11
lkclwhich in this case, can be done straight away because it already exists
lkclbut, hmm, 947 first paragraph is not entiirrely suitable for putting in an MoU, it should be more like:16:13
lkcl"creating a canonical database for Power ISA instructions, for assembly and disassembly"16:14
lkclsomething like that16:14
ghostmansd[m]A-ha, so business rationale and need16:14
ghostmansd[m]Not like programmer's perspective16:14
lkcl should be more general in the MoU, "support missing additional instructions"16:14
lkclactually, yes and no16:15
lkclit should be "slightly" business rationale and need but occasionally be specific about what is going to be done16:15
lkclbut we cannot be too specific, we made that mistake once already with the Video Grant16:16
lkclone tasks for H264, one for H265, etc. etc. and it was just not possible.16:16
lkclso, rather than "support AV instructions", the MoU should be "support additional instructions"16:16
lkclthat sort of thing16:16
ghostmansdSo, to clarify:16:29
ghostmansd1. Go to task #939, comment #0.16:29
ghostmansd2. Start with "Task list:".16:29
ghostmansd3. For each subtask we have mentioned in #939:16:29
ghostmansd3.1. Convert subtask description to something bureaucratic.16:29
ghostmansd3.2. Mention the budget.16:29
ghostmansd3.3. Paste the link to the subtask.16:29
ghostmansd3.4. Split it with separator and go to the next subtask.16:29
ghostmansdIn the end, #939 should look like #589.16:29
ghostmansdIs it correct?16:29
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