Thursday, 2022-11-17

lkcl-3.5 create a bugreport associated with the subtask if one does not exist.00:25
lkcl-> In the end, #939 should look like #589.00:25
lkcl-yes - including the subtasks, which need to be full links (rather than #NNN numbers relative to the bugtracker) because when submitted as text to NLnet, "#NNN" is not a hyperlink and will be meaningless00:26
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lkcl-wow, just wow. rain / fog has affected 3G/4G so badly i'm hardly able to keep a stable internet connection14:56
octaviushas been raining pretty hard, hasn't it?15:13
lkcl-i've seen this before, in scotland, at my mum's place, so i know the symptoms15:21
lkcl-woow. it's taking 20-30 minutes to upload a 1.2 *megabyte* file.15:37
lkcl-that means upload speed is around... 1k / second.15:38
markoslkcl-, better find that old 56k dialup modem and connect it the landline, will probably be faster :)15:41
markosoh wait, just remembered you don't have a landline :)15:42
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