Sunday, 2022-11-20

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lkclghostmansd[m], yes it seems strange but the numbers have to at least balance out12:31
ghostmansd[m]What do you mean? The algorithm was: 1) put amounts to everyone in child; 2) update both "budget" and "budget excluding subtasks" to be the same as sum of all amounts; 3) substituted that sum in the parent.12:38
ghostmansd[m]What did I miss? For example, in 967?12:39
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lkclah you don't put them as the *same* amount.18:00
lkcl"budget excluding subtasks" is the sum "budget minus everything *including* subtasks"18:01
lkcllet me just run budget-sync...18:01
lkclok it's all good.18:02
lkclghostmansd[m], btw what we will do is, if there is spare cash on a given milestone, we re-evaluate what was actually done and send it out accordingly18:04
ghostmansd[m]lkcl, could you, please, explain, what did you change?18:30
ghostmansd[m]I tried checking 966 and 967, and still have no idea...18:34
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lkcli did not change anything18:48
lkcl967 is perfectly fine. there are no child subtasks for it, so the budget it is allocated is also the budget excluding its subtasks (which are zero)18:49
lkclthen in the table-of-payments, the total amount allocated (one person - you) *also* equals EUR 150.18:49
lkcltherefore it is perfectly fine. no errors.18:50
lkcl968 is also perfectly fine, it is the exact same format (child leaf node task)18:50
lkclbut this time there are two people.18:50
lkcladd up the two people.18:50
lkcl450+450 = 90018:50
lkcl900 = {the budget}18:51
lkclthe subtasks total equals zero18:51
lkcltherefore "budget excluding subtasks" equals "900 minus zero" which obviously equals 90018:51
lkcltherefore, conclusion: there is nothing wrong18:51
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