Tuesday, 2022-11-22

lkclyes, agreed.01:00
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ghostmansdlkcl, regarding https://libre-soc.org/irclog/%23libre-soc.2022-11-21.log.html#t2022-11-21T19:45:3815:51
ghostmansdthis was indeed the case15:52
ghostmansdlkcl, just submitted the JSON to Michiel16:05
lkclexcellent. i'll follow up with him later, and keep an eye on it. thank you.16:06
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ghostmansdlkcl, also, FYI: https://bugs.libre-soc.org/show_bug.cgi?id=97616:16
ghostmansdI recalled this when I coded the specifiers for new insndb assembly that we didn't supported some of these for binutils.16:17
ghostmansdPlease let me know your thoughts whether I need to edit the comment #0 to be integrated into 947, and on budget.16:18
ghostmansdBesides branch-specific specifiers, there are also no /pi and /vli: /pi appeared recently, and /vli, I think, also was fixed by the same time we did it for the branch specifiers.16:21
ghostmansdAh, wait. Wrong parent task for 976.16:23
ghostmansdAlso, speaking of binutils, we still have no tests for SVP64; which task should this go to?16:26
ghostmansdI put 1250 for this "support missing specifiers", but, frankly, considering all these tasks like "support missing instructions", "support missing specifiers", "provide tests", all of which consider binutils, I'm beginning to worry whether these should go to cavatools grant at all.16:30
ghostmansdI think we _could_ try merging missing instructions and missing specifiers into one task, perhaps this would be better. But still I have a feeling it deserves more than 2500 initially allocated, and I have no idea where to take this extra funding.16:33
ghostmansdlkcl, I also have many questions on 939 subtasks, please ping me when you have some time.16:34
lkclghostmansd, 976 comment #0 is more a "comment #1" if you know what i mean16:48
lkclcomment #0 should be an expansion of the description "support missing specifiers"16:49
lkclbut also leave room to say *which* specifiers, and a TODO list16:49
ghostmansdFair enough. I'll update it. :-)16:49
lkclthe paragraph can kinda stay, though, as an "addendum" to comment 0 if you know what i mean16:50
lkclyes /pi is new16:50
ghostmansdI'll prepare the list of questions and send it to mailing list.16:59
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ghostmansdlkcl, sent the email about 939. I'd like to complete this as soon as possible, because some of tasks are done, some will be in progress soon so anyone around would like to see these approved. The communication in IRC is too slow and unsuitable for tracking. Therefore mail.17:30
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octaviusIs the meeting today at 20:00 UTC?19:21
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octaviuslkcl, programmerjake, toshywoshy, markos, ghostmansd meeting20:03
octaviusOr at least cesar and I are on, I seem to remember the meeting was moved back one hour?20:03
octaviusmarkos has also joined us, however we'll come back at 9pm20:14
programmerjakeiirc we talked about moving back 1hr but luke never announced that we did nor did he change the google calendar entry most of us are using20:33
programmerjakeso imho we haven't officially moved the meeting yet20:33
ghostmansd[m]Drat. Totally forgot about it, even though I was the one to ask to move it. I tried joining this by old link, but I'm the only one there in the room.20:34
programmerjakethe link shouldn't have changed20:35
lkclyes i was responding to dmitry on-list20:37
lkclbut yes, 8pm tuesday conflicts for david, to discuss soon, maybe move to sunday20:38
programmerjakei'm normally busy on sundays...20:39
markossunday is going to be hard for me, I'll definitely miss many20:39
ghostmansd[m]If it conflicts for many of you guys, I suggest we keep it20:42
ghostmansd[m]After all, this was established long ago20:42
ghostmansd[m]I can't promise I will attend these on a regular basis, though: the kid wakes up at 6-7 AM20:43
ghostmansd[m]Will we have meeting today, BTW?20:43
programmerjakewould mon, wed or thu at 20:00 utc work?20:44
programmerjakeyes, iirc20:44
programmerjake^ replying to will we have a meeting today20:45
markosonly today or thursday works for me at these hours, maaaybe monday occasionally, but not as a rule20:47
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markossadoon[m], are you ok with Thursday 20:00 UTC for the meetings? (instead of today)21:14
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