Saturday, 2022-11-26

lkcl-toshywoshy, ping, openpowerbot's entirely disappeared!08:59
lkcl-like, gone. poof08:59
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octaviusTurns out sandybridge is a little "too old" for microwatt-verilator, been running for 12h so far XD09:36
octaviusLeft it overnight09:37
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octaviusstill runnig15:33
octaviusThis computer (old one) is definitely not suitable. Although I haven't checked if there's a multithreaded flag15:34
lkclyou'll find that it's thrashing.18:14
octaviusbeen 21h now18:27
octaviusI got it started on my ryzen 3600 machine too (looks like about 2-3 times faster)18:28
octaviusCan verilator use multi-threaded? Both machines are forced to use a single thread sadly (I guess simulation is mostly sequential)18:28
lkclyou're running simulation? building is different from running, use "ps aux" to find out what state it's at18:51
lkcl(or htop)18:51
lkclyes of course you can both compile in parallel and compile a parallel-running-binary18:52
octaviusrunning microwatt-verilator sim. I used $nproc for making the binary, but have not seen how to configure the binary to be parallel19:05
octaviusOk, verilator has a --threads N option, going to try that19:09
octaviusLooks like it works! I restarted the Ryzen 3600 run (after setting threads to 11)19:12
octaviushtop showing them all to be used19:12
lkclthere you go19:12
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