Sunday, 2022-11-27

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octaviusI'm glad I switched computers. The Ryzen 3600 (using 11 threads) has been running verilator for 18.5h now. Much better progress than the sandybridge13:39
octaviusBut I see why a work desktop would be very useful13:39
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lkcloctavius, yyup.  fan's running continuously, is it?14:22
lkclflat-out for 18.49 hours so far, eh?14:22
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octaviusYep, now 26.5h21:34
octaviusIt generated temporary files up to "" (I haven't figured out where in the microwatt-verilator.cpp the time unit and total time is defined)21:35
octaviusMakes about 3 files per minute (incrementing time by about 2000000 with each dump)21:37
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octaviusbram.dump is 200GiB XD21:38
octaviusso far...21:38
octaviusAs for the fan, the noctua cpu cooler in this build is overspec'd (because I wanted a * really * quiet pc even under load). 2x 120mm fans help reduce noise too21:46
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openpowerbot_[irc] <lkcl> octavius: don't let those files get out of hand.23:00
openpowerbot_[irc] <lkcl> it's a full state-backup plus memory dump each time23:01
octaviusAh, so I need to modify the .cpp code to reduce dumping?23:01
openpowerbot_[irc] <lkcl> if you don't keep an eye on them (delete them) they'll run your system out of space23:01
openpowerbot_[irc] <lkcl> yyup.23:01
octaviusOh, so I don't need theM?23:01
openpowerbot_[irc] <lkcl> only if you ever want to attempt to restart the simulation.23:02
openpowerbot_[irc] <lkcl> btw i didn't realise you were going to be running the microwatt-verilator simulation, rather than just compiling it.23:02
octaviusDoes verilator automatically detect they are present and resume, or do I need to pass a param?23:03
openpowerbot_[irc] <lkcl> if you haven't correctly given it a binary then you may be running nops or the simulated processor may already be in "halt"23:03
openpowerbot_[irc] <lkcl> you'll need to look at the source code.23:03
octaviusI wanted to follow the guide on the Microwatt iwiki page, and see what happens23:03
octaviusI guess I wasted a bunch of compute time then23:03
openpowerbot_[irc] <lkcl> it was well over 6 months ago that i wrote this so i have only the vaguest of recollection23:03
openpowerbot_[irc] <lkcl> basically.... almost certainly23:03
openpowerbot_[irc] <lkcl> you could have determined that by enabling VCD trace and examining it23:04
openpowerbot_[irc] <lkcl> "wasting time" on simulations is extremely common23:04
openpowerbot_[irc] <lkcl> and (sigh) the verilator-controlled save/restore system is, very annoyingly, not perfect23:05
openpowerbot_[irc] <lkcl> you can spend 10, 16, 20, 30 hours, get to a point where you need to rewind23:05
openpowerbot_[irc] <lkcl> attempt to load a prior restore and it *won't work* due to a bug in verilator23:05
octaviusAh yes, I'm starting to remember the pain you wrote about23:06
octaviusOk, I guess I'll look over it tomorrow, and make sure I'm loading a binary23:06
octaviusAh, should've looked at the for microwatt repo....23:08
octaviusThanks lkcl, will head off. gn23:09
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