Monday, 2023-01-02

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markosactually, as a first hacky attempt one can avoid a new triplet andd just rebuild all packages just by enabling features, gradually but manually, starting with gcc/glibc/etc. As a PoC. This is exactly what I did for armhf bringup, back in 2008, I rebuilt most of Debian just by switching from softfp to hardfp. The triplet was just added later where we used the first repo as a basis to rebuild the archive and satisfy dependencies10:02
markosso in order to build a VSX-less distro, it's possible to do just that without a new triplet10:03
markostbh, I wouldn't use a new triplet at all, as that would mean yet another port10:03
markosI would still keep the same triplet and file a ton of bugs to all the packages that assume VSX to force them to make it optional or dynamic10:04
markosit would take a while, but in the long term it's a far better solution than having multiple ports for what is essentially the same ABI10:05
markospretty sure the distro people would be against that also10:05
lkclit's really not the same ABI.10:11
lkclEABI 1.9 makes VSX registers mandatory10:11
lkclwhich is a massive showstopper10:11
lkclEABI 1.9 is where it all went to hell in a handbasket.  VSX was made mandatory.  128-bit hardware was made mandatory.10:15
lkclthe process you describe is suitable for a first-stage bootstrap10:15
lkclwhat i was describing was more... a second-stage10:15
lkclthat would kiinda make the first stage (cross-compiling) slightly less hassle10:16
markosas an internal process that would work, but I'm thinking that distros would find it very hard to accept yet another Power port (already 3, 4 if one counts the now defunkt powerpcspe port)10:18
markosDebian that is10:18
markosI'd rather we fixed ppc64le proper and have it support all optional variants, obviously only for future revisions of the ABI10:18
lkclthe amount of work involved in that is one hell of a lot.  tracking down and re-enabling code that was removed 6+ years ago?10:25
lkclmy feeling is that it would actually be better *to* get them to say "god no we're not having that"10:25
lkcland for *other people* to suggest, "actually a better solution would be to re-enable the code that was removed which allows variants"10:26
lkclso that they feel "involved"10:26
lkcli appreciate that may sound silly10:38
lkclto *actively* seek out people to say "no"10:39
lkclbut it could help avoid the risk of the "let's say no to the very first thing these n00bs say" syndrome10:40
markosmaintaining a full port is a hell of a lot more work than actually fixing the dozen or so packages that would really require fixing11:08
markosin most cases it's indeed the case of fixing a minor #ifdef11:08
markosin a few selected packages it will be a lot more work but that can be done, eg. by bounties11:09
markosfirst identify and then pay the actual devs or other contributors to provide a fix for that11:09
markosit has been done in the past11:09
markosbelieve me, you really *don't* want to maintain a full port for a long time, creating a POC is one thing, long term commitment is quite a different beast11:14
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GayatriGood Morning Team. Happy New Year14:24
programmerjakehappy new year14:25
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GayatriI am creating Libresoc environment at Debian latest version. i can successfully completed all instruction from dev script and then run "python3 src/openpower/decoder/isa/ > /tmp/log" . I am getting message as "Ran 23 tests in 130.528s and OK (skipped =1).14:28
Gayatriwhy 1 has been skipped. what can i do for that14:28
programmerjaketests are often marked skipped when they're known to be broken or out-of-date, don't worry about it14:30
Gayatrican you please advice where do i execute the run of "SOC--Makefile" script file14:32
Gayatrithen after what can i do14:33
lkclonce you have a libresoc.v then you can substitute that into microwatt builds14:35
lkclthere are instructions on the wiki which you can find and follow14:35
Gayatriwhere can i find this libresoc.v file14:40
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Gayatri61now i am at "(libresoc)oa@debian:~/src/openpower-isa$ "14:48
Gayatri61i can see "Makefile" over their.14:48
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openpowerbot[mattermost] <gayatri> Can i run ";a=blob;f=Makefile;h=2a6409b663126891d5d8b3687aca4598551fbdd4;hb=a4bde05025e6583c49942c05c4caaee0e12c1768#l25"23:46

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