Tuesday, 2023-01-03

lkcl"python3 setup.py develop" ?00:01
lkclthat's already been run by the devscripts00:01
lkcl(which you of course reviewed in full before running them)00:02
lkclthe setup command only need ever be run once00:02
lkclso it is not necessary to run it a second time00:02
lkclyou of course reviewed the install script and saw that "python setup.py develop" has already been run00:03
lkclyou read the advice on the devscripts page00:04
lkcl**Follow these steps after making sure that you review the scripts line by line because they run as root and it is your responsibility to check them, not ours.**00:04
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sadoon[m]<lkcl> "gaah fiinally got xchacha20.c to..." <- Coincidentally my next personal project is to implement poly1305+chacha20 in HDL03:20
sadoon[m]I already have poly1305 written in systemverilog03:21
sadoon[m]Was supposed to finish this before March so I can submit it for a conference in Vienna but it seems unlikely unless I push the turbo button on my brain xD03:21
sadoon[m]And I've also been looking to convert it fully to nmigen03:23
sadoon[m]The codebase is actually really tiny03:23
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openpowerbot[mattermost] <gayatri> Thanks Luke. Yes i have reviewed. So i had a doubt that's why this full script is required to run or not. Thanks a lot. But still i am not getting clear idea about libresos. As i am going inside i am getting more doubt. Thanks for your help to go ahead.05:04
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lkclsadoon[m], we're not doing hard-coded instructions or hard-coded blocks: i mentioned a couple weeks ago on a tuesday meet, the ISA WG will rightly reject non-commonly-useful instructions because Power is RISC06:56
lkcland our reputation would be shot to hell if we tried06:56
lkclso the focus is to work out how to create *general-purpose* instructions that have multiple uses06:56
lkclone example, twofish needs "add A to twice B"06:57
sadoon[m]Oh no of course06:57
sadoon[m]That's a side project of mine having nothing to do with libre-soc obviously06:57
lkclby coincidence this happens to be exactly what is missing from LD/ST06:57
lkclit would be quite useful to see how much hard-coded silicon is needed (wasted) to perform poly130506:58
lkcl(in all seriousness)06:58
sadoon[m]You'll know that then :p06:58
lkclexceptions are Rijndael06:58
lkclbecause it's so ridiculously-commonly-used that it is actually justifiable to add specific instructions for it06:59
lkclgayatri: having the dev environment installed does not mean that you understand what *has* been installed.06:59
lkclthat is your next task: to actually understand the structure of the HDL07:00
lkcland for that, you'll need to both read the HDL and also learn nmigen, and much more07:00
lkclyou'll also need to learn about Cell Libraries, and how yosys works, and so on.07:01
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lkclthis is not a small project and you need to adapt expectations accordingly.07:02
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lkclsadoon[m], if you subdivide the verilog project down into small modules of e.g. say below 100 lines you can replace the modules one at a time with equivalent nmigen07:03
Ritishlkcl, I have all the prerequisites for microwatt now, but I'm not able to use "Bullseye_ghdl" as schroot yet. Tried searching the net, but not able to understand them kind of07:03
lkcl(and if you have unit tests for each module you can of course test the replacement nmigen)07:03
lkclRitish, i'm not even going to go there - sorry.  it took me literally weeks to get a stable version of ghdl and corresponding microwatt.07:04
lkclthere's ghdl installation devscripts which captured that experimentation07:04
RitishI seee07:05
lkclFollow these steps after making sure that you review the scripts line by line because they run as root and it is your responsibility to check them, not ours.07:05
sadoon[m]lkcl: I'm amazed you're thinking of modules lol, it's just a single module, quite small like I said :D07:05
lkcloutside of that, you're 100% on your own07:05
lkcland yes, it's a constant moving target where the various "contributors" do not properly communicate, change APIs, and expect other people to like it07:06
sadoon[m]The whole thing is less than 200 lines and if I cleaned it up it'd be less than 130ish07:06
sadoon[m]So really converting it to nmigen would in itself be a good exercise in learning nmigen for me07:06
lkclthis caused absolute havoc for about 18 months with yosys-ghdl-plugin falling between *TWO* simultaneous API changes: one in ghdl and one in yosys.07:07
lkclsadoon[m], interesting. i'm really surprised it's that small07:07
lkclRitish, try with the devscripts version of ghdl.  and also try the microwatt-verilator branch07:07
lkcl(instructions are, as always, on the wiki)07:08
sadoon[m]lkcl: /me starts to doubt his memory07:08
Ritishdamn, 18 months :/07:09
lkclRitish, watch out though in the devscripts: there are actually two installation scripts for ghdl.  one is stand-alone, the other is i think embedded in the one that also installs yosys07:09
Ritishyep, will do that :)07:09
lkclFOSS "community" never learns.07:10
Ritishwhich one do you think I should follow? the stand alone one or embedded07:10
Ritishcause I already have yosys07:10
lkclthings like cocoa framework (using Objective-C, Objective-M, Objective-J) and MSRPC, these provide stable APIs07:11
lkclyou'll have to experiment.07:11
Ritishhmm, oki, gotchu07:11
lkclit's been several months since i ran microwatt07:11
lkclbecause i've been doing too many things (not enough help)07:11
RitishI  understand07:11
Ritishdo not relate(because you've been helping me), but understand :)07:12
openpowerbot[mattermost] <gayatri> It's true i did not understand.i am trying to read and understand all whatever you mentioned here.But every-time we need your suggestion.08:05
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sadoon[m]So I understand the team is going to FOSDEM this year?10:50
sadoon[m]I'm considering going there myself10:50
RitishWhere's it happening o.o10:54
Ritishnvm, Brussels :010:55
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lkclsadoon[m], cool!12:51
sadoon[m]Still not 100% sure, need to see if it's possible for me12:52
markosjust booked tickets myself today Feb 1-513:12
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octaviussadoon[m], lkcl, david and I will be there. cesar as well I think14:40
sadoon[m]Is there any registration needed or something?15:03
sadoon[m]The site doesn't mention it so I assume no15:03
sadoon[m]But I wanna be sure15:03
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cesarIndeed, I also booked myself already. Arrival from Amsterdam on Jan 31 morning, then by train to Brussels on the afternoon. Leaving back to Amsterdam on Feb 6, and staying there until Feb 11, for a small vacation.16:10
cesarI did submit a Lightning talk, but received no confirmation yet.16:16
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lkclsadoon[m], no - fosdem is so large they don't bother (plus, it's free)17:15
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octaviusIs there a meeting today?17:46
sadoon[m]Awesome then!17:46
sadoon[m]I'm booking right now17:46
sadoon[m]But I need to look into the visa situation as well17:46
cesarsadoon: If you can manage to arrive a little earlier, I understand there will be a Libre-SOC dinner on Feb 1.17:47
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octaviusMeeting programmerjake, toshywoshy, sadoon[m], ghostmand[m] (if you chaps are on)20:03
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