Wednesday, 2023-01-25

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Ritishgot this error when I ran: make microwatt-verilator08:56
RitishERROR: Can't load module `./': /usr/local/bin/../share/yosys/plugins/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory08:56
Ritishmake: *** [Makefile:250: microwatt.v] Error 108:56
RitishTrying to looks for a solution online08:57
Ritishpossibly something related to the ghdl-yosys plugin08:58
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Ritishwas able to run :)09:28
Ritishoh, another error09:29
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RitishchatGPT is helping me solve errors :D10:26
ghostmansd[m]lkcl, please check the messages above; if everything is fine, I'm going to merge the changes and submit several RFPs.10:26
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octaviusHi Ritish, the error you had with "" is because in the Makefile GHDLSYNTH is defined as, and later on .so gets appended to it. Before you run make, do "export GHDLSYNTH=ghdl" (section 1.5 on the wiki page shows the trick:
octaviusAlso, when microwatt-verilator gets compiled, please **read the instructions carefully**, and look at the "useful links" section of the page I linked. If you run microwatt-verilator without an initial RAM and program, it will just keep running in a halted state, and you won't get any indication (I spent about 2-3 days on two different machines like that...)11:13
octaviusIf you're running microwatt-verilator on a powerful computer you're fine, but on consumer hardware it will probably take a long time11:15
Ritishmakes sense, Thanks octavius, I was running section 1.311:20
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RitishI think it finished running in around 10-15 mins11:21
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octaviusRitish, the 10-15min is just the compilation :)12:52
octaviusI was talking about actually running microwatt-verilator (the simulated Microwatt CPU), which will take much, much longer (depending on the server/computer you're using)12:52
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lkclthe task_db page i haven'16:01
lkclt run the "make upload" from running budget-sync for some time16:01
lkclyou can do it locally yourself16:01
lkclif you've got existing unit tests covered (particularly the test_caller* ones) i'm perfectly fine with a merge16:02
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ghostmansd[m]Yes this are fine. OK I'll merge it then.18:07
lkclghostmansd[m], remember to keep the TOML field up-to-date
lkclotherwise you risk putting in the RFP twice20:15
lkclplease always do that immediately at the exact time of submitting the RFP20:15
lkclalso marked the bugreport as "fixed"20:16
lkclit is better to do the bugreport first just before submitting the RFP because NLnet actually go and check what's on the bugtracker, as part of due diligence for Audit purposes20:16
lkclif the information is inaccurate they will flag it up with me, and the payment is delayed pending the results of that conversation20:17
lkclmarkos, if you bring your Nexys-Video i won't bring mine (no need)20:18
ghostmansd[m]Do you mean the "submitted" field?20:20
lkclThe table of payments (in EUR) for this task; TOML format:20:21
lkclamount = 50020:21
lkclyou've not updated that and it is critically important for audit and project tracking purposes20:21
lkclcheck the format of any other bugreport for the format.20:22
ghostmansdAdded "RESOLVED FIXED" for all issues (including those which had RFPs in December), plus added "submitted=2023-01-25" to 964.20:30
ghostmansdCan I also mark tasks from cavatools MoU as RESOLVED FIXED without "submitted="?20:30
programmerjakei generally mark bugs resolved fixed before submitting payment requests20:37
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programmerjakelkcl: is the meeting happening today? you mentioned yesterday something about it being canceled yet it hasn't been removed from google calendar20:39
lkclghostmansd, yes of course. the RESOLVED FIXED is part of standard bugtracking20:51
lkclit also changes the budget-sync task_db report20:51
lkclprogrammerjake, correct and yes sorry, also correct20:52
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markoslkcl, yes, I will bring it22:10
markosalso, figured out a way to use all 4 pmod sockets22:10
markossimple really22:10
markosdupont cables :)22:10
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