Thursday, 2023-01-26

lkclthat works :)00:17
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octaviusJust to make sure I'm not being dumb here, this error is indicating that I don't have enough memory for this Microwatt binary, right?19:52
octaviuspowerpc64le-linux-gnu-ld -T -o hello_world2.elf hello_world2.o head.o console.o memory_mw.o sha256.o19:52
octaviuspowerpc64le-linux-gnu-ld: section .data.init_msg LMA [0000000000001800,000000000000181d] overlaps section .text.sha256_final LMA [00000000000017b0,0000000000001927]19:52
octaviusmake: *** [Makefile:31: hello_world2.elf] Error 119:52
programmerjakeseems like a reasonable guess, though note that it's microwatt cpu's accessible memory, not your host computer's memory19:56
octaviusYeah, I thought so. Currently looking through the microwatt/ls2 files to see where the amount of memory can be increased19:58
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programmerjakeidk if it's different when building to use with libre-soc, but when I built microwatt for my 3d maze game, it was a Makefile variable20:00
octaviusYeah, I found the variable for the HDL.20:01
programmerjakeI used make ... MEMORY_SIZE=$((1<<18))20:01
programmerjakethough 1 << 18 may be too big for you20:02
octaviusIn this case, I'm looking at where the parameter for the binary compilation is. Found the file powerpc.lds20:02
octavius_start = .;20:02
octavius. = 0;20:02
octavius.head : {20:02
octavius }20:02
octavius. = 0x1000;20:02
octavius.text : { *(.text) }20:02
octavius. = 0x1800;20:02 : { *(.data) }20:02
octavius.bss : { *(.bss) }20:02
octaviusIt complained about the .text and .data overlapping20:03
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programmerjakeah, yeah, if you increase the memory size, you can have the .data start later20:03
programmerjakee.g. if the memory size is 1<<15 (32kiB) then .data can start at 0x4000 -- halfway through the ram20:05
octaviusI moved from 0x1800 to 0x2800, that seemed to be enough, generating bitstream now20:09
programmerjakeyou may also have to adjust STACK_TOP in head.S, assuming it's like the code i used20:13
octaviusThe only change I made was to file, and didn't rebuild the HDL, so hopefully this is good enough for now20:15
octaviusBut yeah, will need to do more20:15
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programmerjakefound something interesting:
programmerjakea soft fork of gitea developed using only free/open software20:46
programmerjakethey're working on adding federation too20:47
programmerjakefederation funded by nlnet
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