Monday, 2023-02-13

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sadoon[m]I got the email, thanks!09:04
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sadoon[m]I've set it under "milestones"09:16
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sadoon[m]Added as a dependency, number is 999 (awesome lol)09:21
sadoon[m]It seems daunting but the only ones we *really* need are 1,2 and 309:23
sadoon[m]The rest are just nice-to-haves09:23
programmerjakecouldn't resist:
awilfoxif there was a hypothetical distro maintainer that was interested in this project, knee-deep in the ppc64 community anyway, and considering an altivec/vsx-free spin for the sake of the e5500 in addition to the Libre-SOC.. how would that be received in the community?10:21
sadoon[m]I think it would be awesome :D10:44
sadoon[m]I'm only limiting to Gentoo and Debian because Gentoo is extremely easy to build with these constraints and Debian is rock solid (while not easy to fully rebuild obviously)10:45
sadoon[m]But obviously the more the merrier, no doubt much software would need patches and this will help all the distros10:45
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openpowerbot_[irc] <toshywoshy> ok, should be back online10:51
openpowerbot_[irc] <toshywoshy> bridges are running ...10:51
openpowerbot_[irc] <lkcl> fantastic. i can't get access to libera at the moment (bnc4you is down)10:52
sadoon[m]I also just remembered something cool:10:57
sadoon[m]Glibc apparently added a feature a while ago that enables different ISA extensions to be built into the same binary or something like that, and it chooses which one to use at run time.10:57
sadoon[m]Let me search to make sure10:57
sadoon[m]This is the gcc part but I'm very sure there's one for glibc too which means a single glibc package for no VPU, VSX, and SVP6411:00
openpowerbot_[irc] <lkcl> sadoon[m]: yes. the support inside the powerpc port of glibc was ripped out some time ago11:00
sadoon[m]Ugh bummer11:00
openpowerbot_[irc] <lkcl> "because #define POWER9-why-would-there-be-anyhing-else-right?"11:00
openpowerbot_[irc] <lkcl> looks like a foot-shooter by IBM but it's not their fault: they were maintaining code that absolutely nobody was using11:01
openpowerbot_[irc] <lkcl> so yes: *eventually* we need to track that down and put it back11:01
openpowerbot_[irc] <lkcl> but for now we need a roll-back to powerpc64 EABI 1.511:02
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lkclawilfox_, great idea
* lkcl just catching up from the irclogs17:17
lkclonly thing is, as it's v2.06 compliant, and we're aiming for Power ISA v3.0 SFFS, there will be some instructions missing.17:18
lkclwould you be happy to allow the linux kernel ppc64 "emulation" to kick in occasionally?17:18
lkclbtw just so you know, NGI POINTER also funded a bootstrap of to SFFS Compliancy Level, done by toshywoshy17:20
sadoon[m]<lkcl> "would you be happy to allow..." <- Ah, you mean emulating missing instructions?17:47
sadoon[m]<lkcl> "btw just so you know, NGI..." <- Awesome, had no idea this existed17:48
toshywoshysadoon[m]: are you telling me you didn't know I exist?18:30
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openpowerbot_[mattermost] <cesar_strauss> Just tested positive for COVID. Symptoms started exactly one week after FOSDEM (fever, tiredness and bad throat).22:44
programmerjakefun, hope you feel better quickly!23:08

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