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openpowerbot_[mattermost] <toshywoshy> Cesar, get well soon00:56
awilfox_lkcl: I don't see any issue with the kernel emulation doing its job, that's why it's there after all :)  I don't know if it will especially have v2.06 ISA enabled03:02
awilfox_my thought was more -march=powerpc64 (which should be baseline ISA, I think v2.0?) with -mno-altivec -mno-vsx03:02
awilfox_obviously this won't be tuned very well, you could have faster speed compiling with the v3.0 extensions enabled that Libre-SOC does support03:02
awilfox_but the point is to have a distro that can run on e5500 and Libre-SOC, which are two targets I keep hearing about and people are interested in, but not getting much attention it seems from the bigger distros03:03
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awilfoxI was thinking about e5500 support for quite some time, but it seemed to be a "waste" of resources when each subarch takes somewhere near ~100GB of mirror space, + testing and such03:04
awilfoxadding Libre-SOC to the planned "subarch" makes it a lot more attractive as now we can have two targets supported with one spin03:05
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markosawilfox, iirc, there was a debian port for e5500, powerpc-spe?09:17
markosah no, that's e50009:18
markose5500 are the QorIQs iirc, capable or running LE but only have VMX not VSX, iirc09:33
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sadoon[m]cesar: get well soon, I got a slight fever on my way back too, too many people from different countries at FOSDEM I suppose09:45
markoscesar, sadoon[m], same her, I tested myself for covid/flu and was negative, but I definitely got something that kept me tired for a couple of days and sneeze a lot :D09:56
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <cesar_strauss> Thanks for all the well-wishes. I'm taking my medication and feeling increasingly better. Much better than Saturday, in any case.09:56
sadoon[m]Sounds about right :p09:57
markosit's late summer there no? get out in the sun and have some oranges, vitamin C & D :)09:57
lkclcesar, fantastic - yeah i actually brought along some 4,000 AU vitamin D with me09:57
lkclawilfox, there's actually three: microwatt as well09:58
markos(always read AU as astronomical unit for some reason which gives it a funny twist)09:58
lkclthe cost of adding bare-minium VSx hardware into the FPGA bitstream is an astronomical 50% increase in LUT4s09:59
lkclthere are actual instructions already emulated in the linux kernel, the code to do so was started appx 20 years ago by paul mackerras10:06
lkcland has grown since10:06
lkclthings like load-quad, and load-store-byte-reverse10:07
lkclwhich are basically the difference between a v2.06/7/8 ISA and a v3.010:07
lkclwe very specifically need to stick to v3.0 because of the EULA from the OpenPOWER Foundation.10:08
lkcl*everyone* creating new Power ISA hardware has to do that10:09
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programmerjakenote that lq/stq can't really be emulated when the memory address is aligned, they are 16-byte atomic ops, so need to be implemented using a 16-byte atomic instruction. no, a global mutex isn't sufficient.10:22
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programmerjakelinux just runs lq/stq again when trying to emulate lq/stq: https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/commit/?id=350779a29f11f80ac66a8b38a7718ad30f003f1810:26
sadoon[m]Fun: my local file server is giving me ECC errors that  I can't reproduce with memtest86..10:40
sadoon[m]Bah I'm just gonna sell this stupid AMD threadripper and get an actual server motherboard10:42
programmerjakemaybe try memtest86+? https://www.phoronix.com/news/memtest86-plus-6.1010:48
sadoon[m]I meant to say memtest86+10:50
sadoon[m]Luckily I have an extra Xeon 1650v3 and motherboards are getting extremely cheap for those models10:50
sadoon[m]If I can find one locally it'd be great10:50
programmerjakemaybe reseat your ram and cpu? they can sometimes have bad connections due to thermal cycling or other reasons10:52
programmerjakecould also be the memory interface is being run slightly too fast or power issues10:53
sadoon[m]You might be right but I was already planning to replace this motherboard as it has gotten annoying for other reasons too10:53
programmerjakeso you're looking for an excuse to replace it :)10:54
sadoon[m]Kinda :P10:54
sadoon[m]It's always been buggy given AMD threadripper 1st gen was a skunkworks project at AMD as well as their first Zen product10:55
sadoon[m]Always had CPU and Memory clock issues10:55
programmerjakeoh, i gave my zen 1 cpu to my dad, then he got rid of it too...it always had mysterious issues10:56
sadoon[m]Yep, it was a very rushed product10:56
programmerjakefor me was terrible for building code due to random segfaults, couldn't compile llvm in docker since it would crash halfway most of the time10:57
programmerjakefor my dad, he ran into some other issue (lockups? icr very well)10:57
sadoon[m]I remember that fiasco10:58
sadoon[m]the segfault thing10:58
sadoon[m]Wow can you imagine that was 6 years ago? feels like yesterday they released Zen 110:58
programmerjakei remember being thoroughly impressed at how much faster it was than my 8-core bulldozer cpu i had before (which was also impressive compared to my previous computer, a dual-socket 1-core/2-thread per socket pentium 4 workstation i found at a thrift store)11:02
programmerjakethe pentium 4 computer was slower single-threaded than my laptop, which had 2/3 the clock frequency11:03
programmerjaketurion64 laptop11:04
sadoon[m]Intel despite being absolute scumbags have always had the server market rock solid11:04
sadoon[m]And workstations*11:04
programmerjakeso basically i went from junkheap to junkheap to zen111:04
programmerjakeintel & servers: yeah, till recently11:07
sadoon[m]I'd say they had it right until EPYC came around and they got stuck at 14nm11:08
programmerjakeimho their core count lagging was more of an issue for servers, they're often not as sensitive to ultimate single-threaded performance11:10
programmerjakewell, gtg -- need sleep before the meeting today :)11:11
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sadoon[m]Instead of buying a server I found a 2000ish era Toshiba laptop with Windows ME12:19
sadoon[m]Couldn't resist12:19
octavius_Ew, Windows :P12:24
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sadoon[m]Don't be so down12:48
sadoon[m]I'll try reactOS on it :D12:48
lkcltoshywoshy, thank you13:41
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