Monday, 2023-02-20

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sadoon[m]Somewhat good news everyone: qtwebengine does build on power9 (with altivec vsx etc)11:38
sadoon[m]However this version 5.x and 6.x is coming soon11:38
sadoon[m]Still good to have it running, didn't test yet though11:38
sadoon[m]If this has JIT support I might give it higher priority than even firefox11:39
sadoon[m]Because then porting it to sffs would mean porting the JIT code instead of inventing it in the first place11:40
sadoon[m]And then SVP64 similarly11:40
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* lkcl starting to fill in the libresoc-ongoing grant schedule A
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lkclthere's some ideas i originally put here
lkclsadoon[m], toshywoshy, i added the debian/gentoo sffs porting, but toshaan do you want continuation of powerel-sffs on there as well?16:37
lkclghostmansd[m], would you be up for working with sadoon[m] and toshywoshy on binutils-with-svp64 as a debian&gentoo&powerel package?
* lkcl (sotto voice, i pinged michiel again eariler today about the cavatools MoU)16:40
ghostmansd[m]Hi lkcl, what's needed from binutils here? Do we need to convert it into some package, e.g. RPM or ebuild?16:42
ghostmansd[m]Binutils do need some updates wrt CR ops and branches, and also I'd like to ensure we generate the same asm as pysvp64asm. We don't have tests for this yet.16:43
ghostmansd[m]However, considering a huge amount of regular work and uncertainty wrt MoU, I had to postpone these works for now.16:44
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lkclghostmansd[m], and it needs a budget. adding a bugreport for it now
ghostmansd[m]lkcl, there's task already in scope of that MoU:
lkclghostmansd[m], ah whoops ok. good catch, musn't double-fund19:08
ghostmansd[m]That's raised about branches initially, but IIRC we also lack other stuff, like correct CR ops and other minor things like /pi19:08
lkclyes, and i need to do specification work as well19:09
lkclso it's not quite identical/duplicate and the 976 budget is a bit low for covering everything19:10
ghostmansd[m]Yeah, kinda, but I needed to leave something for other tasks, otherwise the whole MoU would be way too binutils-centric :-)19:12
lkcli know :) it was a quick way to get $ to you. i say quick, we still need the MoU signed19:21
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